10 Best Android Games Release in 2020


Every month Android gaming seems to be getting bigger and better and new titles are always coming on Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a little more meat on your bones, a game usually comes to suit everyone’s tastes. Some months are better than others, but usually every month there is at least one great new game on mobile. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from last month! You can watch videos of previous months on YouTube by clicking here! You can also see our pics for the best new Android games for 2020 in the video above!


Dunganropa: Trigger Happy Hawk Anniversary Edition

Price: $ 17.99

Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Hawk Anniversary Edition is a mobile port of the original game. For those who don’t know, Dangnaronpa is a visual novel with elements of mystery, adventure, and horror. You play as a student at Hopes Peak, a school for the smartest students. The goal is to murder a fellow student and flee with him without being caught. A student does not want to play that game, however, and things spiral from there. This version has some less extras for Mobile Control and Anniversary Edition. It is quite expensive and some people report a black screen issue. Make sure you test the game before the refund period, to make sure that you can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

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Forza Street

Price: Free to Play

Forza Street is Microsoft’s big game release for 2020. It is a mobile version of the popular racing game on Xbox. Unfortunately, mobile games are not nearly as good as console racers. The game revolves around a simplified control set of tapping at the right places that properly twists things. You win the race if your time is better than everyone else’s. Additionally, there are various cars to collect and customize. Here’s the thing, it’s not really a bad game. However, as it carried the name Forza forward, a lot of people went into it and were hoping for something different. This is definitely not the game of Forza that we all wanted, but it is not a bad time wasted if you can pass it.

Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West

Price: Free to Play

Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West is a town building simulator with some additional mechanics. The main premise of the game is to build a city in the style of the Wild West, which includes saloons, stables and other such things. Players can also do mini-games such as collecting bounties, raising horses and gambling. There is a story, but it is only okay. Overall, this is a fairly standard free to play city builder, but it is still a decent time killer.

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KartRider Rush+ Games

Price: Free to Play

KartRider Rush+ is the latest game from the developers of Nexon, Maplestory M, Ax, and Darkness Rises. It is a kart style racer similar to games such as the Beach Buggy Blitz or Mario Kart Tour. The game has a few different modes including speed races, an arcade mode, a rank mode, a time trial mode and even a story mode. The game itself is a standard racing experience with an emphasis on drift, such as with Kurt’s flock to maintain his speed. The game started on Google Play, but it seems to have solved most of the pressure bugs. It should compete well in style.

Legends of Runeterra

Price: Free to Play

Runeterra’s Legends is the latest mobile game from Riot Games and is one of the most awaited mobile releases of all time in 2020. It is a card duel game similar to Magic: House or Hearthstone. Players collect cards, build decks, and duel each other. Legends of Runeterra combine champion cards that act like commander cards in the Magic Commander game genre. You build the deck around the champion. The game was originally received by all and is one of the best games of 2020 so far. Don’t be shocked if we include it at the end of the year’s best games list.

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Levelhead Games

Price: $ 6.99

Levelhead is one of the truly spectacular releases of 2020 so far. It is a platformer with level builder function similar to Mario Maker. You can also do a task calculator and all of that stuff. In any case, you play the role of a delivery person in training and you have to get the robot to the end of the level in order to emulate the situation of completely realistic situations. The level builder is actually quite good and you can share your level with others (and download them). The game features a cross-platform cloud save with speed running features, a buttery smooth game play experience, an official Disorder Channel (and subreddit) and PC and Nintendo Switch versions. This is one of the truly outstanding mobile game releases of the past few years.

Mass for the dead Games

Price: Free to Play

Mass for the Dead is a mobile game, based on a popular Icecake anime overlord. The game has the same premise as the show. You are stuck in an MMORPG after it was closed to the public and now you should make the best stuff. It features Gacha RPG elements, an Auto Battle mode (and 2x speed mode), an origin story that revolves around the show, and lots of cameos from popular characters. Most of the game’s complaints stem from its stingy drop rates and the high price of in-game currency, but everything else about it looks good.

Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kovalan

Price: $ 1.99

Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon came out on the tail end of April and we wanted to cover it this month. This is a fictional puzzle game that takes place in Kowloon, a surreal place famous for its absurd population density. The game takes 50 years in the past, but adds some cyber fantasy elements as well as some other fictional touches to add some flair to the game. You basically explore the city and know its crazy inhabitants. The game is inexpensive without in-app purchases or advertisements and is a really good overall experience.

Sponge: Crusty Cook-Off

Price: Free to Play

Sponge: Crusty Cook-Off is a cooking game. It really plays like a lot of other cooking games. You get patrons who come in and order food. You cook and serve food as much as possible. It helps spawn a bunch of cameos from SpongeBob, a kid-friendly environment, and various boosters to get through the levels. It is fun to play for a while. However, elements begin to creep up after several hours of free game play. If you let your children play this, make sure that they lock their Play Store account behind the password so that they do not spend money.

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Tropico blast Games

Price: Free to Play

Tropico Blast is a new match-three style game. It plays like most other match-three games, except that you have to match two shapes together to start a combo. As you play most games in the genre, the game becomes more challenging. Additionally, it includes some randomly generated levels with support for seven languages. It had some initial issues, but the developers seem to have cleaned up the game well. This is a good time waster.

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