10 best quiz games for windows

Trivia is not the most popular type of game.
However, there are some great quiz apps and games available on PC.


Quiz Games

Hardcore trivia is difficult to find on almost any platform. Typically, board games and pub trivia are slightly more organized and diverse. However, there are some decent quiz games on PC. These are slightly more traditional than mobile games. Also, PC is a more powerful platform. Thus, in some cases you have additional options in places like Microsoft Store, Steam, Website and even Facebook. Here are the best quiz games for Windows!

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Price: Free with advertising / $2 per month

Bluestacks is not technically a quiz game. It is an Android (like mobile phone OS) emulator for PC. However, with this, you get access to basically any mobile quiz game that you want. Which includes some popular ones like Quizoid, Trivia Crack, HQ Trivia and others. Sadly, mobiles have a more diverse selection of quiz games than PCs. However, with an emulator, you can have both PC quiz games and mobiles. Bluestacks is only the most popular one. There are other options.


Price: $2.99

Flagsplosion is one of the simple quiz games for Windows. The game shows you a flag with many choice answers. You guess the flag. Apparently, it has a shelf life because you eventually miss all the flags. However, the game includes a practice mode, an endless mode, and includes Steam achievements and leader boards. It is also significantly cheaper at $ 2.99. The game is also often on sale. It is fine for what it is.

It’s quiz time (Quiz Games)

Price: $ 19.99

This quiz time is a popular cross-platform quiz game. It works like a traditional quiz app. You select a category, view the question, and choose the answer. There is support for up to eight players and the game includes over 25,000 questions. It should also keep the most hardcore common sense fan for some time. Also, the game includes various game modes to keep things fresh. The $ 19.99 price tag is about what we would expect from a PC game.

MAJOTORI (Quiz Games)

Price: $ 5.99 (+ $ 0.99 DLC)

Majotori is a trivia game for video games, movies and animation nerds. There is a witch who grants people. However, they must first complete a general knowledge game. Super Mario Bros. includes as many points from a coin as from basic video game accessories to serious things. Other features include more than 50 questions in 1000 branches, and more. The game is fun, humorous, and it needs basically nothing in terms of minimal specs. Also, its price tag is very reasonable. It is one of the best ones to be sure.

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Pokémon Quiz (Quiz Games)

Price: Up to $ 2.75 / Free

Pokemon Quiz is one of many quiz games with a niche theme. Di is not a niche, but is a unique quiz game. It specifically includes 721 Pokémon and is quite easy to play. You can find many types of quizzes on Google Play, Facebook and these websites, which are tied to specific qualities, movies, shows and even musicians. They are fun for a while, but quickly welcome them. Thankfully, there are a ton of them and most of them are free.
Pokémon Quiz


Price: Free with in-app purchase

Popcorn Trivia is a fun quiz game with a cinema theme. This is one of the few legitimate good trivia games available on the Microsoft Store. It contains questions about a ton of different films from a bunch of different categories and eras. Additionally, it includes multiplayer support, TV shows, and semi-frequent updates. This may be a mature content. Thus, it is not child friendly, similar to the Pokémon quiz given above. Other than that it runs great. We highly recommend it.


Price: Free

Trivia Plaza is a website for quizzes. It has a basic UI and format with simple mechanics and quiz options. Some categories include movies, pop music, geography, science, computers, classical music, history, and more. There are approximately two dozen (or more) quizzes with ten questions in each category. Each quiz has a specified number of questions. It will not satisfy serious common sense. However, this is a fun site to play with boredom at work.

Trivia Vault Games (Dozens of Games) (Quiz Games)

Price: Varies (usually from $ 0.99 to $ 4.99)

Trivia is a large series of quiz games on Vault Steam. Each game is themed for a theme. We watched for 1980, hockey, superheroes, video games, boxing, basketball and many more. The developers also have the usual mixed trivia games. They all basically play with a traditional game show trivia game setup. They are all quite affordable too. The games are not very deep. For example, it is difficult to see how you rank against other players. However, it is a cheap method that common sense is itching. The sheer number of themes is good, although they can do better as a big game and in-game purchase with each theme.

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TRUE OF FALSE 2 (Quiz Games)

Price: $ 1.99

True of False 2 is a quick, fun little quiz game. The game asks you the truth of the false question. You answer if it is true of lies. That’s basically it. However, there are a ton of Steam achievements and collectibles as well. The game is usually available in bundles with other games. This is the first game in the series. We also recommend the first game because you can get it so cheaply. However, the second one is better than the first one.


Price: $1.99-$24.99

You don’t know that Jack is a humorous old quiz game for Windows. The first few games of the series are traditional quiz games with short games. Jackbox is another series of party packs that include party games with guessing games. For fans of common sense, we recommend the standard not to know Jack experience. Jackbox party pack games are still fun in groups, though. The regular games are quite cheap while the Jackbox Party Pack game runs for around $ 24.99 each. These are very good and easily the best.