1337x Illegal Search Engine: How to Access It Safely and Quickly

Online users consider 1337x to be one of the most popular and trusted piracy websites for downloading HD Movies and TV Series. It offers a large selection of content and a list of magnet links. This torrent download site is illegal and follows the BitTorrent protocol. This site is ranked among the top five piracy websites for over five years. The site allows users to download movies for free, and they can also access the content online via various streaming points.

What is 1337x Illegal Search Engine?

The primary aim of 1337x is to offer a transparent way to find free torrent content in HD resolution. It’s hard to get high-definition torrent files without knowing about the downloading free sites. That’s where the site steps in. This website provides an exciting feature that allows users to browse torrent files without downloading any file.

The torrent files are available as magnet links that are saved on the 1337x homepage. The magnet links are broken down into multiple parts, and it is easy for the users to sort out the torrent files they want to download. How to Access 1337x 1337x is a registered domain name and is hosted on Google’s server. The site doesn’t require any registration. The users can create an account with one click.

Why use 1337x Illegal Search Engine

The 1337x Illegal search engine is pretty easy to use and allows users to enter a keyword to search for the movies. After entering the keyword, the search engine will retrieve the torrent download link for the film. The movie torrents are categorized in many categories according to the type of the movie, like HD movies, high-quality 1080p movies, mp4 movies, uncut HD movies, etc. If you have a terrible internet connection and want to download torrents while on a Wi-Fi network, then 1337x is a beautiful place to visit. With this excellent website, you can access torrent files in different torrents directories and torrent indexing using various protocols like a torrent, magnet link, and torrent viewer.

Is 1337x blocked or unblocked?

Well, the website 1337x is an entirely legal and well-run website. Yes, it is not blocked by any of the web service providers, and the only issue is that the users might stop it. In other words, a person who uses a VPN or a proxy service such as Virtual Private Network to access the 1337x website will not be able to access the torrent files.

Although it is a big nuisance for the users, there is no natural way to access 1337x. As per a recent report, it is not illegal to download movies or TV shows from 1337x. The torrent files, which are available on the website, are not pirated in any way. Hence, users should not worry about getting banned from the site.

How to unblock 1337x?

Now, let’s have a brief look at how to unblock 1337x. The Free Download site 1337x blocks all torrent files to prevent any unauthorized access. This move has restricted all torrents and magnet links from being accessed by the users, even though they are fully aware that these torrents are there but cannot download them. Hence, when the user wants to access such links, he has to deal with blocked floods, which is terrible for online users.

Unblocking 1337x torrents and magnet links is a great deal of time-consuming job. The users do this through third-party software, which is readily available online. The process is quite complicated and will not let the users surf on the 1337x torrent website. How to unblock 1337x?


Although many torrent websites are down, and those still available are suspected of having been shut down by government agencies. Still, a few remain and continue to survive despite the pullout of their domain names. Although many sites are offering illegal downloads, however, the 1337x can be considered one of the most popular websites for torrent download and magnet links that provides the best platform for the downloader to get the content of the downloaded movie in the desired format without having to hassle for torrent file.


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