25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven’t Found In Skyrim

Many people think that they have completely conquered the Skyrim. We are challenging that here! Check out these 25 WELL HIDDEN Skyrim Secrets!

25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Skyrim is huge. The world is large, and it is filled with very few discoveries to make in every nook. Honestly, this is one of the biggest reasons why the game is becoming so popular. People love this sense of discovery, and in Skyrim, you can come back and learn new things by playing a little differently.

So, players have been known to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours in the game. After that time, you probably know this part of the big scroll world quite well. There are probably quite a few dungeons that you can navigate through in your sleep and very few location markers that have gone unseen, even in the DLC.

But we are willing to bet that Skyrim is a much darker and stranger place than you, a longtime fan of the fictional, would have felt. Because with a large amount of endless quests and dungeons, there are still mysteries within the mystery; Small and sometimes very big things that players will not know until they know exactly where to go and what to do.

Sure, hardcore players have discovered some of these. Those who are part of the Skirim community may recognize some of the stories, even if they have not personally found them. But we are willing to bet that you have not come in the midst of all this and that nothing will be different from the characters you have created. Keep in mind, no mods are allowed here: these are secrets that can be found in vanilla games and DLC. Ready to be amazed!

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The Secret Of Blackreach

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Blackreach is a huge underground map lit under cave lights and giant ancient Dwemer cities, lost to Skyrim for ages. There is a reason this is one of the favorite places that Skyrim fans have discovered, but the mysteries go far deeper than you realize. In the center of the huge blackreach, there is a huge Dwamar chandelier, like a bronze globe, which hangs from the cave.

If you shout Unrelenting Force on the chandelier, it will flow and you will kill a secret dragon on top, called Vulthuryol. You fight an ancient dragon in a huge underground cave practiced by mystical techniques and glowing magic! This is one of the best things. But if you don’t know how to shout on the chandelier, you will probably never get it. Luckily, this is what people usually tell their friends.

Jewel Insulated Bucket?

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Skirim players are very good at spotting all corners in case they are waiting for any secret treasure. But the one thing that most people don’t look for is the bucket. Sure, you look in one or two, but they usually don’t hold some plant material or anything at all, so what’s the point? Some have realized that many buckets in stores and dungeons around the world are actually filled with valuable gems… if you are too tough.

Most pairs are hidden under plants or cooking items, so you’ll have to do a little searching, but it’s always worthwhile. You can sell those gems for a lot of money or make great rings out of them. But you have to see first, which is part of the fun. happy hunting!

The soul cairn secret

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Nobody likes being around Soul Cairn (Dowangard DLC, where the story gets interesting). The whole point of Soul Cairn is to make you sad and confused, and it is really, really good at it. Door skies and infinity, tower-studded gray plains (without consulting a map) act like a perfect maze, trapping players in confusing loops, well, they usually shut down the game. And other couples do something else for days.

But very few people who are persistent and do not get out as soon as possible can slowly map Sol Cairn and unravel many mysteries. The ultimate secret, however, is finding life-saving roofs around the map that contain Reaper gemstones. Find three, and you can visit a random tomb in another hard-to-find Sol Cairn location. There, the Secret Boss Reaper will appear: he is not a hard fight, but he leaves some good loot!

A true weapon to fight hawkers

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Even if you search every basement of Skyrim in search of hidden stories (and see a lot), we are sure that you have never found this. When you go up, towards the north, you find frozen seas and a hundred dotted little islands. Most of these islands are empty plots of snow-bound land. Some hold secret tombs and other small surprises.

But in the far north-east, there is an island that few people detect: there are hawkers, which are basically large woolly seals that sometimes bark at you and try to poke you with their tusks. Huh. Find the dead body on this hidden island, you can retrieve the Horker’s Ban, a mace that does additional damage against the Horker. It is completely useless and mostly acts as a joke, but it is the only weapon in the game.

More Hidden Spiders: Hidden Crafting Edition

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

A Skyrim playstyle is more unique than any other: crafting devilish spiders and throwing them to burn, freeze, and control their enemies. Sound crazy? Then you might not have discovered the dungeon called the White Ridge Barrow of Dragontrail DLC. Very difficult. The dungeon is filled with creepy spiders and bandits, even controlled by creeping spiders and, a black book with its great rewards.

But if you explore the complete dungeon first, you’ll find a crafting center where you can build your own spiders using the only unique crafting table in the game. With the right ingredients, you too can take out the spiders and bounce them off like enemies … like a very weird spider. Make a good name for Build, as this play style is super rare as very few people search for this crafting option.

Master archer

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Are you skyrim archer? That’s fine, most players are eventually. Archery is powerful, and sneaking stealth with reckless abandon is one of the most rewarding things in the game (until it gets a bit boring). But for dedicated archers, the game has a hidden quest that is more rewarding than any other.

No exploration of the game allows you to tell about it, but if you travel to the steep hills near Fockreth, you are faced with a place called Angie’s Camp. It is a small cabin with a small woman, the best archer in the ground. If you take his tests and hit his targets, you gain a ton of free levels for archery, along with some unique items. It is all very Zen, and definitely doable.

Vishal Ice Giant Secret Boss

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

In Dragonborn DLC, there’s … .a lot of stuff: it’s a wonderful extension if you haven’t tried it. But one of the quietest things is the secret boss fight that you get by visiting the devouring-ice palace of Karstag. Make your way to the top, and you’ll see a giant ice throne and a ghost ice giant known as Karstag.

He is very powerful, perhaps harder than any other boss in the DLC (and mostly beyond), but if you manage to defeat him you gain the ability to summon him multiple times in battle as an ultimate enemy. No one else can lose. This is a terrible reward, but most Skyrim players also never know that he exists, let alone the power to defeat him. Like there must be a hidden RPG boss, if you ask us.

Catching salmon in a river gives MAJOR benefits

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

If you like alchemy, you might have spent a little time catching salmon in rivers and lakes. They serve salmon meat, can you cook it, end of story? Except for a huge secret Bethesda created in one of his updates. You see, normal salmon will exclude normal meat, but some salmon are jumping every fast in the rivers of Skyrim.

If you catch a salmon in mid-loon on these rivers (not super easy) you will get salmon eggs as a reward. It is an incredibly powerful alchemy component that allows you to build up water-breathing power and level alchemy nuts rapidly. But if you did not try to catch the salmon at the right time, you can never know about it. Luckily, the alchemist, because those salmon are not easy.

Most gels are common … except for chill

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

When you break the law (and get caught) in a skimmer hold, you can release yourself and be sent to prison. There are many reasons why people do this (some players are really good people, while some prefer the challenge of running away) but there is also a prison that hardly anyone sees. It is located in the remote northern city of Winterhold, which is about three buildings and five people, the only remains of a huge holocaust that destroyed much of the city, except for the giant Madge College.

There are hardly any laws to break here and there is little reason, but if you manage to get caught by one of the guards (who is probably just a different hat wearing a jarl), then you are in a unique prison called The Chill will be sent .. It is an ice cave under the college protected by Frost Atronach and a completely different kind of challenge. Try and watch!

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Negotiate all hidden skills

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

The Skyrim Skill Tree is famous for its splendid reception for newcomers. You raise a perk in a skill tree, you get the associated advantage that it clearly describes. Mix and match to make your character! But Bethesda has allowed interaction between those skills and those that can bring a big change in your build.

For example, the renewal of the Illusion Perk Aspect of Terror, and you get extra damage for all fire attacks (who knows why, but it’s good)! Upgrade the Necromage on the Restoration Tree, and your own skills will be boosted if you are a vampire, as you are now vulnerable to undo spells. Surprise! They promote fun little skills that you may not notice unless you pay attention to your character on every status.

lose your way

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Deep in the hidden corners of the Forgotten Wall (Downguard DLC, Go Get Gate), there are a series of frosty giant bosses you can kill. Most players don’t even find them, because let’s face it, the Forgotten Well is beautiful and tedious to detect without a good map function.

But if you find the giants and kill them, you find powerful jewel paragons, which you can use to unlock many secret treasures. The best of these is the Shield of Aurel, which collects energy and drives enemies away as you wipe it out. Of course, you really need to know about the parganas and kill the right frost giant, which never mentions the dialogue or the book in the game. Good luck finding this one player!

Spider lover

25 Hidden Secrets You Still Haven't Found In Skyrim
25 Hidden Secrets Skyrim

Necromancers are doing some crazy stuff in Skyrim, and not everyone has their favorite stories. But a story that almost nobody has, The Reich has a secret dungeon called Hermugasthal. No one sends you there, and it’s hard to find outside of the bright quests. But inside is a fascinating story about a necromancer experimenting with frost spiders.

Everyone hates frost spiders, but this necrosis has found a way to connect giant spiders with other types of elements. Along the way, you’ll have to fight the spiders of fire and lightning that emerge from the experimental cells, until you finally find the wizard at work and destroy it. This is a very good discovery that more people should find… unless you are afraid of giant spiders, in which case it is probably the best.

A secret leap

There is a place in Skirim where there is a lot of climbing to go, called the Bard’s Leap Summit. It is filled with Forsworn and has a dragon wall on top of it, so most players hack their way through Forsworn and learn a word from a Shout on the wall, assuming they have finished everything.

not! If you make your way to the small bridge at the top of the area, you can choose to leap all the way down to a small pool in the valley below. It is a hard fall and you die if you don’t hit the pool at all. But if you make it, you magically survive, and the ghost of the original bard congratulates you and boosts you speech skills. cool Beans! But it is also almost impossible.

These boots were made for stacking

Even for most Skyrim Deadhard players, a pair of unique books called Predator Grace don’t ring a bell. “What can you sell them for?” They probably say. But you can find them … if you know exactly where to look. Boots waits at the hang end, a long dungeon at the end of a long dungeon filled with witches and hagravens.

If you fight your way to the top, you can find boots hidden behind a snowfall in a chest. Many players are too tired of the dungeon to finally be discovered to finish it, so these shoes remain the most secret. They are hidden behind a waterfall, people, it’s RPG 101! Also, they have a rare and very easy muffle spell spell, so we’re not talking about peanuts here.

Famous chef

If you look hard through the mysteries of Skyrim, you will occasionally find references to The Gourmet, a famous chef. On rare occasions, you can stumble upon her apprentice in search of material in the woods, and even steal a thorn from her. If you complete the Dark Brotherhood quest, you discover much more about this chef, but otherwise, he is a puzzle, carefully hidden so that many players don’t even know he is in the game.

Has an actual character in it. But he waits there, in a small tavern: an ork (called Balagog gro nalob) known worldwide for its cuisine and here for the emperor to cook the best meal in reality . We won’t tell you how it ends, but it’s a fun one for a secret character you may not even know exists in the game.

A wonderful early game Magic

If you are any type of archer in Skyrim (and who haven’t played a sneaker archer from time to time), then the Bound Arrow spell is a great find. This allows players to summon a bow with enough magic that is far more powerful than any other bow you can get early in the game. Usually, bound bo spells are locked behind a lot of gameplay, but Fort Amol has a secret spell that hides away, where you can learn it quickly.

Go towards the castle, enter the right door, kill some wizards … and then you’ll probably never see it. Because the magic is hidden in another infamous bucket, under an old lantern you have to be taken out. Find it, and you get a whole lot more awesome!

Do you know the secret of the Headless Horseman?

Players spent hundreds of hours in Skyrim and never saw the headless cavalry. He only appears at night within a few hours, and can appear randomly anywhere in the primary world map. You can see him riding on a road, or you may miss him completely. If you are lucky enough to catch him, you can follow his path.

Sometimes he will wander and disappear, but most times he will head for the side of the road until he arrives at an old cemetery in an early game area. There he stops and remains silent until you leave. That’s it. It helps you find the tomb, but it was not a difficult area to find in the first place. His ghostly obsession is unexplained and unattainable… but you still feel the good fortune to see him up close.

Thief Guild Secret Signs

When you join the Thieves Guild, it is lame (for a while) but you find a book that explains the thief’s sign. There is a sign for friendly places, for those who have lots of goods, for friendly merchants, and so on. But it’s actually pretty cool: If you look in the cities of Skyrim, you’ll find that a large number of buildings have hidden thief signs somewhere near the door, which can tell you what to expect.

This is a great way to know where to steal and be careful. Hey, a good thief knows when to pay attention, right? Too bad most people never bother to look at the scars, even they are saving the Thieves Guild. Maybe note, you are an aspiring thief. You can learn a lot.

Read those markers!

The road up to Hyrothgar is infamous for many steps and this means that you have to face a troll on the way to the ancient monk temple. But Kadam is also a mystery. On the way, ice contains very little alcohol that you can read for a quick stanza about setting up a high Hrathgar. It is very boring… until you look for every alCoin and read all the verses right up to the temple gate. Then (and many people do not manage to do so), you get a special blessing that makes you immune and friendly to all animals for more than a day of real time.

This is a great way to protect yourself from average hazards along the road as long as you have the patience to hunt every alcove. Not surprisingly, this game was a secret for impatient players since it was released.

A Minecraft Homage Nearly None Found

High Hrothgar and mountain back is called the throat of the world. We understand if you are getting a little bored and very tired when climbing the thousand-step-step to get to the top, but it is worth looking around. One of the things you can find is called notched pickaxe, you can’t do much with it, but it’s a fun reference to Minecraft which is a personal joke for players who enjoy both games Take and probably want to play as a mad miner. .

There are some strange things about the trademark, but it’s ultimately fun that the company put in this context and pickaxes are honestly good for mining, so that’s the case. Luckily, things don’t get tough when it’s dark in Skyrim, especially if you’re a vampire.

Kill the dark brotherhood and get it again

The assassin’s creed Dark Brotherhood’s first mission provokes Astrid into a hidden cabin in the middle of a swamp, caressing a bookshelf. Fun things. But when he asks you to kill a random hostage (or all three), there is another hidden option. You can kill yourself Astrid, and end the story there. She drops a powerful dagger, and this begins a story in which the Emperor’s leader tells you to go to the Dark Brotherhood home dungeon and kill them all.

It gives you a little money and not a lot, but if you’re playing a good character, it’s an excellent little hidden quest. We just want Skyrim’s major questions to have more options like this so you can choose how bad you want to be.

Luke Skywalker’s Lost Ice Cavern

Skirim has a lot of nods to famous stories, but the most famous should be a secret cave where you find Luke Skywalker. It may sound crazy, but there is actually an ice cave that sounds … a little too familiar if you discover it. It is called Blackcoast Cave, and if you locate it, you will find a monster and a corpse hanging from the ceiling.

It is basically like Empire Strikes Back, but with Skyrim and Frost Trolls. You can refuse this scene, but in this game, Luke doesn’t get out so easily. Still, it’s a fun tribute that few people will know until you discover every ice cave, and who has time for that? Unless you want to find a story from the Milky Way, then … wait, how far is it, really?

Ulfric Stormcloak is an insidious Thalmore plot

People are very torn by Ulfric. He’s one of the first people you see in the game, and of course, you can choose to join his Stormcloaks, which … well, it doesn’t really matter which side you’re from Joins, there is a lot of murder and no matter what you are doing think about the royal business. But Ulfric has a very big secret.

His disgusting past includes a massacre in Falkreuth (which was later transformed into a heroic defense story) and working with Thalmore aka Nazi Elwes that the Stormcloaks are actively fighting! Why you ask The Thalmor dossier indicates that he may have been tortured and transformed into a sleeper agent of instigating unrest in Skyrim, which means a lot. Those who like Stormcloaks insist that phrases like “convert to a property” and “prove their worth” do not mean what we think, but the evidence is much harder to avoid.

A heart breaking scene

Are you ready for something? Skyrim provides a lot of feel, but the hardest hit always feels astonishing. Take the veterans. Most of the time these huge herds roam the horizon as a mild threat, one that will explode into stars when you get too close but which are otherwise harmless. As a result, most players learn to give veterans plenty of room until they are very powerful. But outside the Riften is a giant that is a completely different story.

He is so different, he has also earned his name as the Mourful Giant. The giants usually flock to woolly mammoths, but they also live with them and consider them as pets, part family. This is why it is so sad when you discover this hidden giant and dead giant breast in front of her in a hot spring. As long as others, it is huge no matter what you do. Seems like!

A Sweet Solstice Quest That Never Was

Of course, Skyrim had questions that were not completed in time for development: in these cases, search dialogues and activities are removed from the game … except in one particular case of Winter College. It is a joint search involving the search for students who had escaped from their own adventures and all met their demise experimenting with various lethal elements. But here’s one thing: You can still find their bodies around the ground, as well as those unique objects that if you know where to look. You can still talk to the Conjuration Master and he will mention them and how they are missing.

In fact, you can actually activate it by skipping each stage of this quest and changing it for a reward, which can make it the most secret quest in the entire game.