5 Best Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

Finding the Best Reptile thermometers can be a challenge for newbie reptile owners because of the sheer number of available choices. There are so many brands out there vying for the top spot, and all of them are claiming to be the best.

5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers
5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

So, how do you find a Reptile thermometer that offers you the most value for money? You need to look for certain features. Here are five features to look for in Reptile thermometers:

Accurate and Real-Time Reading

5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

Being able to display a real-time reading for both temperature and humidity accurately is the most important feature to look for in a reptile thermometer. If it doesn’t give an accurate reading and displays it in real-time, there is no point!

This is important because you need to provide the right environmental conditions for your pet reptile to ensure it is healthy.

Large and Easy to Read Display

5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

Another important feature to look for is a large LCD. The numbers must be prominent and easy to read. Remember, you’re probably going to be reading the display from behind glass, so you need to be able to see the numbers even through dirt, humidity, and other obstacles.

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Easy to Attach/Unobtrusive

5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

A good terrarium thermometer should be easy to place anywhere in the terrarium so that it is hidden for the reptile but still in a visible place. These days, reptile thermometers come in a variety of attachment methods. Some have suction cups that allow you to stick it on the surface of the terrarium, while others have loops or hooks so that you can hang it on the side. You can also find thermometers that have clips.

Long Battery Life

5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

This might not seem like a big deal, but chances are, you won’t have the time to monitor your reptile thermometer’s battery life once you’ve installed it into your terrarium. Get a thermometer that comes with long battery life so that you can set it and forget it. Many brands have a battery that will last at least a year, but some have even longer battery life spans.


5 Features To Look For In Reptile Thermometers

If you have the budget for it, get a reptile thermometer with a programmable alert function. The thermometer can be programmed to emit an alert sound if the temperature or humidity inside the terrarium falls out of a pre-set range. This allows you to immediately adjust the conditions inside the terrarium so that your pet is not exposed to extreme conditions for long periods.


When choosing the best reptile thermometer, keep these five features in mind so that you can narrow down your choices. If you’re lucky enough, you can find one with all five features with bonus ones, such as a backlight to make reading the LED display easier at night. It’s also a good idea to check if the product comes with a guarantee so that you can easily get a replacement if there is an issue.