5 Coolest GTA 5 Mods for New Missions!

GTA 5 Mods
GTA 5 Mods for New Missions

Grand Theft Auto Game is a love of many players including the new generation. This game is very old but players are still loving this game because every update of this game come with a lot more incredible features that are incomparable to the other games. What is very interesting about the GTA 5 Game? According to many pro players, the mods in GTA 5 can change the whole mood of the player means the mods are the most amazing part of this game. By switching your game to a different mod, you will be able to get many new features. Want to know the cool GTA 5 Mods for New Missions? Check out the whole guide.  

What are Mods in GTA 5 Game? 

Mods are something that can change the whole gameplay of the player. If you are feeling bored then what will you do to get the amazing game? Many of the players will probably spend the money and then will utilize it to purchase the properties. When it comes to mods, they can give you a better experience than you probably cannot get even by spending the money on any item of the game. The freebies can also avail of the mods.  

When you switch your game to a different mod then you will get so many amazing features such as; weather effects, new cars, new functions, and also much more. If you want to know the best GTA 5 Mods for the new missions then you are at the right place. Without further ado, read below and collect your favorite mod of the game. 

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List of Cool GTA 5 Mods for New Missions 

1- GTA Online Survivals 

Talking about the previous time, the players used to change the game from Online to Single-player mod for getting the mod in GTA 5. Now they can switch the survival gameplay mod to the single-player mode. In this mode, the players will get a total number of 18 tasks. In those 18 tasks, the players will need to perform at the same location which is “Cayo Perico”.  

2- New Street Phone Missions 

This mod adds procedurally generated tasks that can be found in San Andreas’ payphones. Assassination contracts, haulage assignments, missions requiring the player to be a getaway driver, and so on are among the mission types available. 

3- Fleeca Bank Heists 

The Fleeca Bank Heists mod allows players to rob all six Fleeca Bank locations across San Andreas, as the name implies. This patch enables full-fledged heists for each bank branch, rather than just a simple robbery. This mod was first released in 2019 and has been updated on a regular basis since then.

4- Missions pack for Security Contract 

The Contract is the most recent DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, which was released in April. This mod tries to port the majority of the missions from the DLC to the single-player game using the Mission Maker mod. 

5- Heists DLC 

Another mod produced with Mission Maker is this one. Players can use this mod to replay most of the Heists from the Heists DLC in single-player mode. The missions supplied here, like those in the previous mod, are not exact replicas of the originals. 

These are the top 5 GTA 5 Mods that players of GTA can use for the new missions. All the mods are supported with incredible features by which you can explore the game even more.  

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