GTA Online | 5 Finest Vehicle Cargo Warehouses to Buy.  

GTA Online

GTA Online is a game that is developed and released by Rockstar. Surprisingly, this game is very old but still has a huge fanbase that is making this game more amazing in comparison to the other games worldwide. We all know that the players are loving the GTA Online cars even more than the characters or other items of the game. GTA Online’s cars are all based on real-world cars. Every car is equipped with all of the great features that you will see in person.

If you purchased a very expensive car then you will want to purchase the best vehicle cargo warehouse so that you can park your car safely. Everyone wants to maintain the safety of their item. In this blog, am going to let you know about the top 5 GTA Online Vehicle Cargo Warehouse that are in the best locations and will give you a lot more space to park more cars.  

What would be the ultimate Vehicle Warehouse of GTA Online? 

If you are going to invest then you will need to take care of several very important things. Players will need to look at their budget first. If you can afford the expensive cargo warehouse for the vehicle then try to purchase the warehouse in the best location. Along with this, you will also need to take care about the impact that you can import and export your car easily even without getting a dent over it.  


Top 5 Vehicle Warehouses to Purchase in Grand Theft Auto Online 

1- La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse 

The actual price of this warehouse is $2,735,000. If you are using the discount then the same car will cost you around $1,914,500. This warehouse of GTA Online is situated in the best location. You will get this warehouse near Marina’s helipad which is very close to the CEO’s office. The players will get a lot of space in which the car park around 4 cars.  

2- La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse 

The actual price of the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is $1,500,000 but you will be able to obtain it for $1,050,000 by using the discount. This warehouse is located near many delivery spots which means you can easily take this car from that location to your location even without any issue. This can be the source of income for the player just because of the great location.  

3- LSIA Vehicle Warehouse 

If you are going to purchase the LSIA Vehicle Warehouse on normal days then it will cost you around $ 2,170,000. Fortunately, the players who are not able to afford this much then they can participate in the sales by which they can obtain the same car even for $1,519,000. This amazing location is located near the Los Santos International Airport.  

4- El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse 

The developers set the actual price of this car at $1,635,000 but the GTA Online players can purchase it by spending $1,144,500 by applying the discounts over it. It is located in the heart of a suburban wasteland and is less expensive than the other warehouses on the list. 

5- Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse 

The real price of this warehouse is $2,850,000 but the GTA Online players will get it after the discount price of $1,995,000. This warehouse can be acquired from SecuroServ in GTA Online and is located in East Los Santos.  

These are the top 5 GTA Online Cargo Warehouses where you may buy pricey cars. I’ve included the discounted price alongside the regular price so that non-spending players can benefit from the promotions as well.

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