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One of the most well-known franchises in the game business is Grand Theft Auto. The eagerly awaited game has been sweeping the community since Rockstar said GTA 6 will be released. Players who believe it would be a great method to pass the time till the moment arrives have expressed a whirlwind of emotion. The majority of them center on comments and conjectures regarding the elements that the forthcoming game should borrow from its predecessors.


Re-mastering and improvising on features from earlier games is nothing new. Given the multiple prizes that GTA 5 got, particularly for the various Los Santos honors, this is even more likely.

Rockstar made one of the best open-world games for the seventh generation of consoles with Los Santos. The following are the five lessons that GTA 6 should take from Los Santos in GTA 5, regardless of the game’s setting or locale.

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Five GTA 5 Los Santos Elements That GTA 6 Should Enhance

1. Real-World Activities

Players in GTA 5 are free to partake in context-specific activities while exploring the globe, such as scuba diving, BASE jumping, and visiting establishments like theatres and strip clubs. Instead, then focusing solely on completing objectives and saving themselves, these components increase player engagement and let them consider different possibilities. In this iteration, these elements have drawn a lot of attention. These would undoubtedly be popular if they were included in the upcoming book.

2. Daily Components

Each character in GTA 5 has a smartphone they can use to communicate with others, start activities, and access the Internet within the game. The stock markets can be participated in through online investments and stock trading.

Additionally, players have the option to buy goods including garages, homes, businesses, vehicles, and weapons. Because of this, the gaming experience is incredibly healthy and gains many new things outside of the gangster acts to brag about. Undoubtedly, the future game will make use of these components to maximize their potential for success.

3. Realistic City Features

Few video games can claim to have maps as passionately designed and as lived-in as Los Santos. This virtual metropolis, like its real-world counterpart Los Angeles, is enormous and wide with a diverse spectrum of cultures, including, to mention a few, Strawberry’s suburban hood life and Vinewood’s elite film city.

By including additional characteristics besides the cities, such as taller and greener mountains, deserts, canyons, rural areas, and townships, Grand Theft Auto 6’s map can build on these aspects. The game may fully explore these possibilities since, as they say, perfection has no bounds.

4. Attention to Details

Los Santos’ streets are a unique experience to drive through. Every element, including every pothole and every feature of the infrastructure and roadways, has been expertly documented by the developers. Los Santos is even more beautiful because the city’s skyline varies throughout the day. Rockstar should embrace and mimic these features of its predecessor given the wealth of animation techniques at its disposal.

5. Character Interactions

One of the main factors contributing to players’ attachment to Los Santos is that it truly feels like a vibrant, breathing metropolis. Nothing is more realistic than being able to engage with other characters when going on a walk or taking part in the game’s numerous activities.

These are the qualities that GTA 6 ought to borrow from GTA 5. There are other options available in addition to these. What’s your take on this then?

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