How to complete AC Valhalla venonis armor mission – Guide

If you are a fan of action role-playing games then you must play the Assassin creed video game, this is one of the best games which has lots of interesting quests and missions which you need to complete on time. 

If you are here then chances are you are in search of a guide to complete the ac Valhalla venonis armor quest, so follow the instructions given below and you able to complete this one of the important missions. 

AC Valhalla venonis armor mission

ac valhalla venonis armor 

This is one of the important quests and most of the players are stuck at venonis armor. You able to access this mission more early if you reach England in this game. As soon as you reach England in this game you able to notice that the venonis armor is located at Ledecestrescire just north of Alcestre Monastery. 

The first raid you have to do will provide you with all the supplies for our newly established settlement. You find lots of strangers in that region who not be happy by finding you snooping here and there. So, this is the time when you get your Ledecestrescire just north of Alcester Monastery. 

How to complete ac valhalla venonis armor quest

If you play AC Valhalla Tonnastadir then you find this quest so easy, because all the process is the same. Just you need to be more creative about positions where you stand to shoot your arrows. 

Find a tall building and climb at the top of that building. Now, if you are able to see a good view of your area then you need to find a tree that has a semi-circular wooden platform. Now move your face from that wooden platform and if you are able to see your odins sight then you are able to see a telltale red marker which signals the destroy bracket. Those brackets hold a door and you see enough space to shoot your arrows. So, you have to shoot your arrows to that door and once that bracket sign door is destroyed, you have to make your way towards that door. 

From that building, if you use your odins sight then you a telltale red signal of the bracket on that door more clear and your work become easier. So, after shooting arrows if you are able to destroy those doors then you are able to complete this mission and when you reach inside the door you get your reward, the Hfrafn Guard shield.


If you reach this section then I think you read this article until the end and understand everything about ac Valhalla venonis armor quest and if this article provides you complete information and. Easy instructions to complete this quest then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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