ADR Meaning in CS:GO: What is ADR?

ADR Meaning in CS:GO: What is ADR?
ADR is an important statistic for CS:GO players to know | Photo by Valve

This is one of the most important statistics in counter-strike: global offensive, especially in competitive sports. Tracking damage is important to CS: Go round when it comes to communication and strategy. The loss causes frustration for many when the HUD shows that a player made 99 in six shots.

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Meaning of ADR in CS: GO: What is ADR?

ADR is calculated by dividing the amount of damage a player incurs during the rounds played in a game.

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For example, if a player does 100 damage in one round, their ADR is 100. If a player does 100 damage in two rounds, their ADR is 50. This is a simple statistic to calculate, but important for a player’s overall performance. It shows how much impact a player has on the game. Especially for someone like an entry freager.

The player is an exceptional performer with over 100 ADRs across a full game. Matthew “Zeevo” Herbut had a 94.8 ADR in EPICENTER when Team Vitality lifted the trophy. This shows how much the MVP dominated the team’s tournament victory.