Someone made a montage of Alinity’s dog being inconsistent and it’s weird

For everyone else, the hope is that Alinity puts Luna in a different room the next time she attempts a headstand.

Alinity dog

Alinity has done it again, attempting a headstand that garnered a large amount of uncomfortable attention on its Twitch channel. While making headlines during a particularly unfortunate pose, Alinity’s dog Luna approached her from behind and … invaded her privacy.

The clip sparked a good amount of controversy, with many accusing him of allowing the dog to intrude for a while. Of course, as strange as the internet is getting, someone has decided to go through Alinity’s channel and compile every clip they can breed their dog into strange situations – and that’s a lot.

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The original situation occurred last week, but that has not stopped the Internet from overreacting. Alarming as it is, Alvinity has not shied away from commenting on the blow-out-of-proportionality situation. The streamer claimed that people have walked away with an attempt to ban him on the clip. She went into detail about the situation, claiming that she had been trying to do a headstand for weeks. “Yoga is a big part of what I like to do and I like yoga … and I like to share it with the stream … I want to show people what I’ve accomplished in yoga so far is.”

Altinity certainly seemed less at fault around this time, but the situation is already being used as another example of the love of the steamer, which now has 1 million followers on the stage. Whether or not Twitch has an affinity for its successful female partners has been a big thing lately, and people are jumping at any opportunity to criticize Twitch for how it handles suspensions.

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Needless to say, all topics of Trainwrecks’ “squadW” crew were over – always visible when they see double standards on playing on Feeling Twitch – some controversial jokes from the streamer himself (warning, harsh language) Drawing out.

Even the ninjas jumped into the fray – completely dodging the dog’s position – yet targeting both Alinity and Twitch during Timinman’s stream.

This time around it seems to have become unhealthy inauspicious – it can be difficult to say what the Internet will be obsessive about next. However, she does not do any favors about dealing with her pets; For everyone else, the hope is that Alinity puts Luna in a different room the next time she attempts a headstand.