All Apex Legends Mobile Characters and Their Abilities Explained

Apex Legends is not like any other battle Royale games where you can win a game just by getting good guns and attachments.

In Apex Legends, characters plays a major role and choosing the best Apex Legends character will decide your winning.

Different characters have unique abilities and with the help of those abilities you can outperform others in team fight.

Till date there are 10 characters in Apex Legends. All characters has 3 different abilities, passive, Tactical and Ultimate Ability.

In this article we will discuss all Apex Legends Mobile characters that are in the game and are rumored to come in the game soon.

And their abilities to help you decide which character should be your main.

List of All Apex Legends Mobile Characters

  1. Bloodhound
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Lifeline
  4. Pathfinder
  5. Wraith
  6. Bangalore
  7. Mirage
  8. Octane
  9. Caustic
  10. Fade
  11. Loba

Out of these characters Bloodhound and Pathfinder are good for scouting.

Lifeline is for support, whereas Gibraltar and Caustic are good for providing support.

Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, Octane and Fade are for aggressive players because of their damage dealing abilities.


With the help of his abilities he can track, reveal and hunt his enemies. His passive ability can see tracks of other players.

His tactical ability revels location of all other players in the range.

His ultimate helps to transform him into a hunter and at that moment he can see the tracks of other players, and he gains the ability to move faster.

If you are playing solo then you will be able to mark your enemies and decide whether to engage or not.


Taking damage from enemies? Gibraltar will stand there and be a wall before you and provide you shield for protection.

His passive helps him to shield himself while taking damage, whereas his tactical ability provide shield to others.

His ultimate brings down mortar strike which ensures damage to enemies and also slows them down.


Out of all Apex Legends Mobile Characters she is the best support in the game.

She and her drone is the perfect combination to heal and deal damage at the same time.

With the help of her passive she can deploy a drone that can revive your teammates and also provide shield around them.

While reviving, you can move around and defend your teammates.

Whenever your health is low she can call her drone that can heal nearby allies with the help of her tactical ability.

Her ultimate is like gem. She can call for care package that contains high tire loot.


Pathfinder Apex Legends Mobile Image

Pathfinder can foresee the next ring by scanning the survey beacon with the help of his passive.

His tactical ability can launch a grappling that will help him to swing around and have better view of the battlefield.

It can also be used as an escape ability if you are low on health. You can go places easily where others can’t.

If you need to go somewhere far then Pathfinder ultimate will create a zipline that everyone in the team can use.


Wraith Apex Legends Mobile Image

With the help of Wraith’s passive she gets to know when enemies spot her or when she is near traps.

Her tactical ability helps her to get into void where she can get movement speed and will be invincible.

Her ultimate allows her to make a portal through which you and your team can go forward and back.

This will help you to make a quick escape if you are low on health or need to power your shield.


Bangalore Apex Legends Mobile Image

Bangalore is a professional soldier. She is all about damage.

Getting shots by enemies while she is sprinting will trigger her passive to move faster for a brief time.

Her tactical ability will help you to create a smoke wall that will block the vision of your enemies.

In the meantime you can heal yourself, revive your teammates or make a quick escape to a safe location.

Her ultimate is just like of Gibraltar where she calls for artillery strike, but the difference is it last longer.

So if you want to play aggressive but play on the safe side then you can pick Bangalore.


Mirage Apex Legends Mobile Image

Mirage is a trickster in Apex Legends Mobile, he can make clones of himself to distract the enemies.

His passive is very useful in case of using the Respawn Beacon and also in case you are reviving your teammates.

His passive allows him to become invisible for the time you are using Respawn Beacon or you are reviving your teammates.

With the help of his tactical ability you can confuse your enemies by releasing a holographic decoy of yourself

Your decoy will mimic your exact movements making enemies believe it’s the real you.

And if it is not enough to trick you enemies you can team of decoys that will do the same had with the help of this ultimate you can make your enemies confuse for a while and in the meantime you can kill them or heal yourself.


Octane Apex Legends Mobile Image

If you are all about speed then you must play with Octane. He is the high speed Legend.

Using his speed as a weapon he can chase enemies or close the distance between you and your enemies.

On the other hand you can use this skill to escape tough situations.

His passive and tactical ability makes a great combo. While his tactical ability uses some portion of his health,

He can move much faster for six seconds. And with the help of his passive he can restore his missing health when you are not taking any damage.

With his ultimate skill he can place a jump pad on the ground that you can use to jump to a different location.


Caustic Apex Legends Mobile Image

Caustic is the gas tic hero. This legend is all about gas. On all his abilities he deals damage with his poisonous gas.

His passive allows him to see through gas. His tactical ability deploys six canisters that contains poisonous gas which is released when either come in contact of it or it is shot.

His ultimate throws a grenade that explodes gas in a large area.

This Nox Gas does two things, first it slows down the movement and while in contact of the gas it deals regular damage.


Fade Apex Legends Mobile Image

Fade is a dynamic legend. He has the perfect combo of speed and damage.

With the help of his passive he gains movement after every slide.

His tactical ability helps him to travel back to the place he was a while ago. You can get in and out of tough situations using this skill.

His ultimate is the damage dealer, he creates a chamber in which all legends will be sent into the void.


Loba Apex Legends Mobile Image

She is not yet in the game. But she will definitely be joining the battlefield soon.

She has very unique abilities that helps her to locate legendary loot nearby her through the wall.

Moreover, she can teleport to a far place just by using her tactical ability and her range is pretty good.

Through her ultimate ability she can summon the black market on the spot that helps her to buy anything anytime.

The best part is anyone from your team or enemy team can take up to two items at most.

This is helpful for getting guns, ammo, consumables and other equipment that you are missing.


All Apex Legends mobile characters are unique because of their abilities which are very helpful if you know how to take advantage of it.

In this article we listed out all the characters currently in the game and briefly explained their abilities.

We will be explaining each character in details in our upcoming articles.

Please note that this is not a tire list and characters are not shorted in any way, all characters are best in their own way.

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