Anthem Demo End Time: When Does the Anthem Demo End

Anthem’s demo is live, giving players the first taste of the entire game before its February 22 release date. Two demos will be available to players: the standard demo and a VIP demo. Here is when each demo is set to end.

Anthem Demo End Time: When Does the Anthem Demo End

Anthem Demo End Time: When Anthem Demo Ends

For players who pre-ordered the anthem were EM Access subscribers, or Original Access subscribers, the Anthem VIP demo went live on Friday afternoon. It is set to close on Sunday, closing less than a week before the open demo.

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Open demo begins at noon on Friday. Like the VIP demo, it will last just two days. It closes on Sunday, February. 3. Exact expiration times for each demo beyond dates are unavailable.

Both leave players in the game at the demo level, participating through the story. Some missions will be available, and players will be able to explore a part of the game world.