Demo of Anthem Video Game – All points need to know

There is a popular game that wining lots of hearts from all over the world due to the story and gameplay if you are a gamer and a fan of action games then I think you know about the Anthem video game.

There are lots of action games popular these days and we have been playing this Anthem demo game for a while and we think you share some important information about this game. So, if you want to know everything about this game which gives you points to like about this game and some points which make you worried, stick with this article until the end and read all information about the anthem game.

Anthem Video Game

Anthem is an online multiplayer video game in the category of action games developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. This game was released worldwide for Microsoft windows, PlayStations, and Xbox One in February 2019.

In this game, players fall on an unnamed planet where they are in the role of Freelancers and do heroic adventurers to defend humanity in their city walls. The title of this game refers to Anthem of Creation, in this game, there is a powerful and mysterious force responsible for most of the extraordinary technology, phenomena, and threats in the world. The player’s freelancer is tasked to stop all these villainous monitors from seizing control of the Anthem.

Gameplay ofAnthem

Anthem combines third-person shooter and action role-playing games in a single frame all the elements in this game will be shared with up to three other players. Each player takes the role of a freelancer and they all have suits which are exactly look like “Iron Man’s suit” and they can upgrade their suit as per need, in this game the customizable exosuits which you get to fight is known as Javelins.

Anthem features four unique Javelins with different looks, variants, and abilities. Each suite is different and you can choose any one of them. In this game The Ranger is the Javelin with which you start this game which consider as all-rounder master of combat, The Colossus is the largest and the slowest Javelin but it has a shield to absorb all most all attacks or hits of enemies, in this game the Interceptor is considered the fastest Javelin, and the Strom is the least armored but airborne longest attack allowing with all types of blasts Javelin.

After understanding all types of javelins of this game it is important to understand that in this game players can build a relationship with various non-playable characters, but they can not establish a romantic relationship with them.

As I said earlier that this game is for both single as well as multiplayer and in this if you are multiplayer then teams can fight with each other as well as other world creatures but if you are a single player then choose your javelin and start your fight with enemies character of this game.

Is Anthem is a copied game?

Anthem copies Destiny in many ways not only good points but they copy some flaws of Destiny. The mission structure and the leveling system are exactly like Destiny. In many other ways, Anthem is very similar to Destiny. Players can choose one of four classes and can level up through their gear and weapons.

The suit which you get in this game is trying to look like Iron Man. As you hear the new word in the game is “Freelancers” now think about the word “Guardian” in Destiny. This is also one important factor where people do not like this game and the anthem demo failed to meet their marketing goals.

Anthem video game Review

If you love action games then this game must win your heart but if you look for an honest anthem demo review then I want to say this clearly that Anthem received mixed reviews from critics. Some players criticize this game for grind and shallow gameplay, story, and other technical aspects. On the other hand, some players love this game as per the fight controls and visuals which we observe while playing.

But Anthem is a long-term plan and the company announced that they going to launch their version in 2020 and 2021, but we have not gotten any new updates to date.

Is anthem provided Demo?

This is one of the important questions which everyone wants to know and Anthem is launched their game with the Open Demo from 1st February to 3rd February 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC.

Any one of you can participate in the open demo of this game and play this game for one hour and can do your pre-order. But this offer ends because this game is fully launched in the market and you get VIP access to the get demo before buying this game.


Now I think you understand this game won lots of hearts and get mixed reviews from people some people said that this game is copied, some don’t like the story but the visual and control of this game excites everyone.

Now, according to our point of view if you play Destiny then you get bored from this game and if you don’t know about Destiny game then you can download this game but if you are in search of an anthem demo then you need VIP excess because this game launch free demo but in 2019.

So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about the anthem video game and anthem demo then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.


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  3. […] Also read: Demo of Anthem Video Game – All points need to know […]

  4. […] Also read: Demo of Anthem Video Game – All points need to know […]

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