Apex Legends download – Next Level Battle Royale You Should Play

The craze of this game is so much that it has crossed 1 crore Apex Legends download from play store within few weeks of its release.

If you love to play action shooting games like PUBG, Free Fire then you will also love playing Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is like other better royal games but with more amazing features.

This Remarkable features of Apex Legends game are what makes this game more popular than others.

Unlike Fortnite, you don’t need flagship phone to play this game.

Any entry level phone with 4 GB ram will be able to support this game if you are playing on an Android and 2 GB RAM if you are on iPhone.

If your device meet this specification then you can download this game from Play Store or app store and play for free.

A guide on how to download this game is already published on this website.

You can download this game with the help of that article.

Download Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS devices

In that article I have mentioned how you can download even if your phone does not support this game.

The reason why you should download this game is that it has more features than other battle royal games.

There are many characters in the game and the combination of 3 characters forms a squad, and defeating others you become champion.

Different characters have different unique abilities and this is what makes his game a whole lot different from others.

With the help of these different characters you can either play aggressive or defensive or as a support to your team.

Whatever is your play style you have to work as a team and take advantage of others abilities to win this game.

Apex Legends download size

If you are worried about the space it will consume to download then your worries is worth.

The size of Apex Legends is more than PUBG, Free Fire or Fortnite.

To download you must have at least 4 GB free space for this game so if you have less than 5 GB space you will have to clear some space first before downloading.

If you download it directly from play store it will download both APK and OBB together and after downloading it will have some internal download.

In addition to this you have option to dynamic download which includes Legends skins and weapon skins.

This is optional but if you have additional data than you can download it to have better experience of this game.

Although this will increase the overall size of the game but if you have enough data and space available than you can download it.

So overall the crux of this article is Apex Legends size is high, but it is worth downloading.

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