Download Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS devices

Apex Legends Mobile Download: Apex Legends has finally hit the store and is now available to download for free.

Players can download it from the play store or app store. But before downloading you should know the system requirement.

If you don’t know the basic system requirement to play this game you should definitely check out the article below.

Apex Legends Mobile system requirements for Android & iOS

In the above article you will find the specifications required to play this game.

If your device fulfills the system requirement then you are good to proceed.

If your device doesn’t meets the specification and you really want to play then we will find you a way so read till the end.

Apex Legends mobile download android

To download apex legends on mobile you will have to download it from the play store and to do so follow the steps below:

First of all launch play store app and search for Apex Legends or click here to reach there directly.

Click on install button. It might show your device isn’t computable if your device doesn’t meet the specifications required.

Else download Tap Tap app and install this game from Tap Tap it won’t mind the specification of your phone.

The game might not run as you expect but still you can definitely try downloading Apex Legends from Tap Tap

Apex Legends mobile download iOS

You can download Apex Legends mobile on iOS from Apple App Store.

Launch app store on your device and look for Apex Legends on search bar or click here.

After locating the game click on install to download and play this game.

If your device doesn’t fulfills the specifications then you won’t be able to download it form any other source like in the case of android.

After the global release, all data of Apex Legends Mobile Beta has been wiped out. So if you want to download the beta version to transfer your progress you won’t be able to do so.

Apex Legends mobile beta server is close and won’t be opening anymore. Download again from play store or app store and start playing again.

Apex Legends mobile download latest version       

As on 03/06/2022 the latest version of this game is 1.0.1576 and no further update has been released after the global launch.

If you are downloading this game from somewhere else then first of all look for the version info so that you don’t download old version of this game.

The old beta version of Apex Legends won’t run anymore so it is not worth downloading.

Only download the latest version of Apex legends from the link given in this Website.

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