Apex Legends Mobile: Release Date & Update

If you are waiting for the fun and enthusiasm to play Apex Legends, here is a news for you. Soon, the Respawn Entertainment is going to release, allowing us to participate in epic battle royales from every platform! However, the Apex Legends Mobile release date remains a mystery.

With Apex Legends season 11 debuting and with introduction of new character in Apex Legends, when will we be able to play over obile?

Earlier this year, Apex Legends mobile was beta tested in a number of countries, and the response has been excellent. The user experience was positive and the touch screen motion and mechanics are delightful and smooth.

In this blog we will discuss everything about the release date and speculations around Apex Legends mobile.

When will Mobile Version be Available?

The release date of the Apex Legends Mobile is not confirmed yet. Although, the basic version is expected to arrive in the last months of 2021. As we approach November, this seems less plausible, so we could be looking at early 2022. But, Respawn might give Apex Legends Mobile a season surprise.

The Apex Legends Mobile will be available in Google Play store. The game already has gone online in the United Kingdom, however for the beta version you need to pre-register. To keep updated, keep eye on our blog, for Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends Game Director has confirmed in a blog post that the team will be launching the regional version of Apex Legends Mobile first and then would go for a full-scale launch. He also said that the team has transformed the battle royale genre’s environment in two years, and now the mobile audience is the new target and domain.

Is Apex Legends Mobile Compatible with Other Apex Legends Versions?

For the mobile version Respawn has decided against crossplay. The team has already mentioned in the blog section that the Apex Legends Mobile is designed specifically for mobile, therefore it will not support cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends.

As a result, mobile gamers will compete against other mobile gamers rather than mixing with gamers from cross platforms.

Respawn also emphasised that the performance oriented andw best compatible version is yet to come for PC and console players.

Is Apex Legends Mobile Free?

Respawn also highlighted on the FAQ page that Apex Legends Mobile will be free to play and will not include any bought items that can give players an upper hand.

Only Battle Passes and cosmetics related purchases will be available. Some of which will be exclusive to the new mobile edition of the game.

Is There a Trailer for Apex Legends Mobile?

For the players there is a mobile trailer for Apex Legends, although it is really brief. A full trailer is anticipated any day now, and we’ll post it here as soon as it arrives, but in the meantime, enjoy this teaser and wait for the beta version to release!

For more updates about Apex Legends season 11, read here.

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