Apex Legends Mobile system requirements for Android & iOS

Apex Legends Mobile system requirements: The wait is over, Apex Legends mobile game finally here with its official release for android & iOS.

Players can now download and install Apex Legends from app store and play store for free.

We will discuss how to install this game on your device on different article, but first we will check whether our phone can support this game or not.

In this article we will look into the system requirement of apex Legends to help you decide whether you should download this game or not.

While in the beta testing phase the game was not able to run on those iOS devices that has 2 GB RAM and some of those android devices that has less than 3 GB RAM.

This game is continually developing to be able to play on every devices so that players can play from all type of devices.

Minimum System Requirements for Android:

The minimum requirement to play this game if you have an android device is mention below.

If your specifications is lower than the minimum requirement Apex Legends won’t run in your device.

You will have to want for further update where they optimize this game to run on every device.

Processor: Snapdragon 435 or Mediatek Helio P20 is required to play this game however it might lag but still you can play.

Android Version: although you might think that android version doesn’t make a lot of differences, but it still matters to run high-  end games. So you must have Android 6.0 or higher version.

RAM: RAM Memory of at least 3 GB is required, but if you have 2 GB RAM device you will still be able to run this game but you won’t enjoy playing because of the lag and frame drop.

Free Space: you must have 4 GB Free space in your device. If you don’t have this much space than you won’t be able to even download this game.

The size of this game is 3 GB but with additional internal download and app data will need additional 1 GB Space.

NOTE: if your device is not showing this game on play store and you are still willing to play than you can download this game form 3rd party apps like tap tap.

Minimum System Requirements for iOS:

For iOS device you must have iPhone 6s latest to support this game.

The OS Version should be version 11.0 with A9 CPU.

RAM and Free Space is same like Android devices that is 2 GB RAM and 4 GB storage space.

If your device fulfills the basic minimum Apex Legends Mobile system requirements then you are good to play this game without any problem.

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