Guide for Assassin’s creed odyssey best weapon type

Everyone loves to play this game. If you are a fan of action role-playing games there I think you understand about AC Valhalla. Assassin Creed Odyssey is a big wonderful quest that is full of different types of staff like different weapons and different challenges. If you want a guide which is so you how to complete this mission then comments or this will for an ex time in this article today we explain to you about some weapons which you get in Assassin Creed Odyssey mission.

When you get a dozen hours into the time then Odyssey mission through a supplier of legendary quality weapons in your way. You can also spend the resources to flexible, upgrade, and engrave systems. For all these weapons we recommend unlocking the power attack as soon as possible then you can use so all the weapons in their full power. Your character will spend three stamina bars to unleash a deadly unblockable combo. There are lots of combo of weapons that you can also create by yourself to me your gaming shot more powerful. So if you are in search of some top weapons of the odyssey in Valhalla din follow the instructions given below and if you think the article is good enough the full guide is an occasion in this article.

Assassin's creed odyssey

Assassin’s creed odyssey best weapon type

To compete in different missions of any action role-playing game you need good quality weapons, that’s why a complete guide on some best weapons of this game is given below.

Bare fists

In AC Valhalla your character has enough power in his punch. With so many swords and Spears, you can see that the work is done and the mission is complete when you start delivering some good quality punches in a high damage fight. So if the first weapon which you can use to change the game is bare fists punches.


AC Valhalla is a game where you get a different type of weapon but mostly the concept of this game is based on the medieval period. That’s why your character plays very well with swords and you easily get small swords and other weapons in this game. Sword attacks in the Odyssey version are most effective and target a single enemy that’s why these types of weapons are so fastest attacking weapon and very common in this game. So, this weapon is useful for the fight against a high-level enemy.

Sword has some special skills which make this weapon more powerful; those skills are – Sparta kick, Hero strike, and Shield breaker.


This is one of the special skill which is very useful in AC Valhalla this only focus on one enemy at one time and the user rapid-fire combo is killer in response if you are facing a heavy hitter like a brute the dragger will attack will change the game. When you dodge or block then draggers are the fastest weapon that resumes your attack.

Spear and Staff

This is a very common attack in the Valhalla game. When you are fighting multiple open inter then is fear and staff will help you to use different attacks and handle both open inter at a single time spear are usually better to get the longest reach and his staff is better for getting while surrounded but they are very close to identical.

Generally is here do more damage than 10 staff and people love to use a spear in a match if you are fighting with your enemy and anger icon will soon after and when you choose that then those years to become so powerful that you can change the game in one or two attacks.


All the weapons and attacks have given above are some simple and common attacks in AC Valhalla and if this article provides you enough information about assassin’s creed odyssey best weapon type then do not forget to share this article and is possible leave your valuable comment below.

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