Azur Lane Dorm Guide

Because most of the modifications to the dorm in Azur Lane include gems and therefore often real money, we discussed this guide on how the dorm system works and what you can expect from each unlock as a new player .

Hostel / Backyard Purposes: Azur Lane Dorm Guide

  1. Receiving EXP – Leftovers with food for food will automatically receive EXP and level.
  2. Ship’s Affection and Decoration Token – Ships sometimes contain speech bubbles of hearts or decoration tokens. Clicking on these popups will increase affection for the ship or help you decorate the token.
  3. Recovering status / morale / mood (actual English name TBD, waiting for devs to make up their mind) – Ships in dorms rapidly fix status / morale / mood.

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

The furniture is purchased with decoration tokens. They serve to increase the happiness score in the top right.
The higher the happiness score, the higher your ships get per hour. Click on the face in the top right to see your EXP Buff from Furnish.

Important: You don’t really need to have upholstery in your room to increase the score.

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There used to be a time on CN / JP when you really had to do it. But an update made it such that the happiness digit is automatically calculated based on the maximum theoretical placement of the data. So you can decorate the room to your liking, without worrying about hurting your happiness score.

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

Furnaces are purchased with decoration tokens or gems. Hostel girls sometimes give you decoration tokens. You pick them up by clicking on your coin speech bubble.
Decoration tokens can also be obtained from commissions and quests.

The boxed portion represents the ship’s EXP profit per hour. This rate determines your happiness score and many other factors. EXP is obtained from the intake of food filled in the food bar.

The Calculation is as follows:

EXP Gain / Hour = (240 + Players Level * 12) * (1 + Happiness Score / Happiness Score + 100) * (1 + Meal% Buff) * (Ship Number Multiplier / Total Ship Number)

Player level is the level of your account at the top left of your main screen. If you plan to take advantage of the dorm leveling feature, it is not a wise idea to deliberately suppress your player level using only a minimum 2-ship farming fleet.

The Happiness Score, as previously mentioned, is a rating of comfort from the furnish on the top right of your dorm screen.

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The food buffer is the buffalo in which you benefit from certain foods. These include curries, royal gourmet and full courses. They provide EXP buffers in addition to the usual functions as food.

The ship number multiplier is a decrease in ship profit per expansion with increasing number of ships in the dorm, explained by the chart below:

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

As you can see, the more ships you have in the dorm, the EXP per SHIP decreases. However, you are still leveling many ships at slightly lower efficiency. For the same amount of food consumption, you usually get a higher total gain in many vessels. You can refer to the food consumption chart later in the guide to make your calculations.

FYI, the first floor starts with 2 ship slots. Three more can be added by spending gems.
Slot 5 for 300 3 gems for 300 gems. Round 5’s
For 4
500 gems for 800 gems

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

In terms of, this is a graph showing how much happiness you can increase (by buying more furnishings).

As you can see there is a low return and you can only get up to + 80% realistically.

Consumed food for ships to gain expense

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

goes. By default you can have a maximum of 40000 meals. With the expansion it can be increased to 90000.
Each expansion raises the cap by 2000.

Expansion prices are as follows:

  • 40000-> 60000, each detail cost 100 gems
  • 60000-> 90000, each expansion costs 200 gems.
  • To go from 40000 to 90000 form, you need to spend a total of 4000 gems.

The rate of food consumption increases with the increasing number of vessels in the dorm. See below:

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

Dorm Expansion

You have the option to expand your dorm area at a cost.

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

There is an immediate increase in happiness after each expansion. The extra area can fit more presentations to increase your more theoretical furniture placement so that happiness can be further enhanced.

Note: The second floor extension is not available at EN at the time of this guide.

The second floor will open lots of space for your upholstery.
In addition, it provides 5 slots for your ships. However, these slots do not perform the same function.
The first floor slot is used for exposing and recovery condition / mood / morale.
The 2 floor slot is only used to correct the condition / mood / morale.

The Rates Are:

1st floor:
Normal ship 40 points / hour
Married Ship 50 Points / Hour

2nd Floor:

Normal Ship 50 Points / Hour Married Ship 60 Points / Hour (The maximum position / mood / morale is 150 for a ship.)