Ranjit M Tewari directed the film,


Daniel B. George composed the music.


The estimated box office of 50.58 crore


An intelligence cop’s password Bellbottom sets out on a highly secretive attempt to protect 210 victims held hostage.


Akshay Kumar plays a role of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence cop known as “Bell Bottom” in the espionage thriller Bell Bottom. Arun Kumar is called in to save the day after a plane is hijacked and pieces of land in Amritsar, the seventh hijacking incident in five years. The story revolves around his proposals for a bold covert operation to save 210 captives and remove four hijackers. The reality that his procedure is connected to a personal loss only magnifies its effect.

This Ranjit Tiwari-directed movie, like many Kumar films influenced by actual stories, is composed of two events that took place in the 1970s and 1980s during Indira Gandhi’s term as Prime Minister of India. It’s commendable that the movie was shot in numerous locations in India and Scotland as during a disease outbreak.

Kumar’s crushing entry as Bell Bottom definitely tries to draw a few claps and buzzers, and just one can’t really deny that he appears to look dashing at 53. He’s slender, match, and nimble, with a pointed Army-man public persona. Bell Bottom, who plays Vaani Kapoor’s hubby, is a nationwide chess master. He does have a vivid recollection and talks Hindi, English, French, and German proficiently. Vaani Kapoor, who plays Kumar’s wife, is stunning on camera, and despite having limited time on screen, she contributes significantly to her character’s development. Adil Hussain, Huma Qureshi, and Lara Dutta also play a significant role in the movie. Regarding the abundance of hype surrounding this same movie, especially Dutta’s end up making, we could indeed safely say that her conversion into recently departed Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is really quite remarkable. She’s nearly barely recognizable! Madam Qureshi, seems to aid the Indian team as those who rescue Indian citizens who are stuck on the jetliner.

Akshay Kumar is in top form and never ceases to amaze. With zeal, he makes the most of his raw talent. Playing Indira Gandhi on film requires a lot of guts and conviction, and Dutta does it admirably. Dolly Ahluwalia appears to be Kumar’s mother, and the two have shared some touching and amusing scenes.

The film, written by Aseem Arora and Parveez Shaikh, tries to engage and succeeds in doing so for the entire 123 minutes. However, due to the storyline’s back and forth, users would have to hold onto any moment of the activity as it unfolds. The pacing of the film remains consistent.

Overall, the movie has flaws but never keeps failing to amuse. ‘Bell Bottom’ has the appeal of a Bollywood, huge marketing film that deserved to be seen in theatres. And, of the journey, because this film traces the reopening of theatres after months of closure due to the pandemic’s second wave, moviegoers can treat themselves to a grand cinema experience with this one.

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