Best 5 Android smartwatch 2020

Best Android smartwatch
Best Android smartwatch

Right now, the best smartwatch for Android users is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is optimized for Samsung phones, but runs well on all Android devices and has all the smartwatches and fitness features you expect. It is compact and lightweight but still provides good battery life. But if you’re not into that one, the good news is that there are plenty of other surprising options from Fossil to Garmin to Fitbit and more.

Best Android Smartwatch Overall – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Android Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

You don’t need to use a Samsung phone to enjoy the benefits of owning a Samsung smartwatch, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers the best-rounded weave experience for Android users right now. It is compact and lightweight, but has a very sharp and vivid tactile display that is easy to navigate and easy to use thanks to the new capacitive bezel. The Tizen OS, unlike Google’s own Wear OS, is sleek and battery-friendly, and while the app is not massively selectable, it also has core tenants, like Spotify, Strava, and more.

The primary purpose of its name in the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is: exercise tracking. The watch comes with GPS built-in, and features sleep tracking, tracking water, food and caffeine consumption, as well as automated workout-tracking. The running coach facility has been improved, which now gives you real-time speed metrics and is part of what is expected from your workouts before you start. You will receive audio signals that can be heard through a watch speaker or Bluetooth headphones.

If you wear a smartwatch primarily for notifications, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 gets there, as well, with excellent support for Android’s notification system, allowing you to use your voice, built-in keyboard, or in many quick replies. Lets answer using one of the.

Finally, battery life, while not as good as some of the other big watches on the list, is still very excellent, and the watch is topped with a select Qi wireless pad or with the Galaxy S10’s wireless power share feature Can.

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Best Price – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch Active

The Galaxy Watch Active has already been replaced by the Watch Active 2, but the original came out in early 2019 and is still a great choice for anyone who wants a compact Android smartwatch with amazing capabilities and compact price.

The main draw here is the beautiful AMOLED display which is readable under all lighting conditions including bright sunlight. This watch is light and comfortable to wear all day – which is good because the battery runs and then some. Although its more expensive counterpart lacks the capacitive “rotating” bezel, the original Watch Active has everything you need to stay, well, active: GPS, NFC, storage for music, and Samsung’s wireless powershare Wireless Qi Charging via Feature.

The best part is that it has a huge discount since the sequel was released, so you can get it for much less than its original price.

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Best Wear OS Smartwatch — Skagen Falster 3

Smartwatch — Skagen Falster 3
Skagen Falster 3

Sometimes you just want a smartwatch, like … a watch. Simple design, excellent quality strap, and a finish that doesn’t scream, “It’s a piece of technology !” Well, Falster 3 from the famous Danish watch brand Skagen is exactly that.

One of the main benefits of Falster 3 is its three-button layout, which includes a rotating crown that helps scroll through Wear OS without touching the screen – once you start using it A huge benefit. You also get a beautiful stainless steel body, well-made straps in a variety of colors in various types of leather, metal, or silicone, and all the essential features you need, such as water resistance, GPS, a heart Speed ​​monitor, NFC; even more.

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The Falster 3 is a 2020 update to Skagen’s smartwatch line and has been improved in every way – you get more RAM for smooth performance, speakers for making and receiving calls, and thanks to Skagen’s new extended battery modes Better battery life is available.

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Best for LTE — TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE
TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

If you like big things in large packages, you will appreciate what TicWatch Pro 4G / LTE is bringing to the table. This massive smartwatch comes with a dual-layer display, which helps prolong battery life. You can expect it to last between 2 and 5 days in smart mode depending on usage.

You will also enjoy built-in GPS, activity tracking, heart-rate monitoring and Google Pay. Of course, the most important feature here is LTE connectivity. You will not have to worry about leaving your phone behind with this watch on your wrist. Make calls, send texts, and access data anywhere with Verizon NumberShare.

Unless you feel like spending a pretty penny on a smartwatch with LTE, you won’t get a lot of issues with Ticwatch Pro 4G / LTE. At more than 45 mm, it is just that the small wrist feels heavy. It also runs on the older Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, so you can expect some lag when it comes to performance. The good news is that you get 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, which can help things a bit.

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Best for Long-Distance Runners — Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

There is a smartwatch for every type of Android user, and the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is an excellent choice for anyone who rides a bike, or swims. It is not the best smartwatch, but it receives notifications from your phone. If you don’t need more than this – and who does these days? – The Forerunner 245 makes up for this with an incredible 7+ days of battery life, or 6 hours of GPS enabled, which is more than enough for a marathon (or two if you’re really good).

Better yet, the trans-active screen means that the Forerunner 245 is easily visible in direct sunlight, making it perfect for extended outdoor excursions. There is also the option of music storage and streaming from Spotify or Deezer, which is seriously great when trying to hit those personal bests. Add to 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, advance workout capture and advanced features such as VO2 Max Assessment, Recovery Advisor, and more, this is an excellent option.

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Ground level

The good news about wearing smartwatches in 2020 is that while there are a lot of options towards things-wearing OS, you also have great options from companies like Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an excellent choice for most people and has received our most coveted Best Overall Recommendation. If you are not the owner of a Samsung device, you can also enjoy it. You’ll have built-in GPS, activity, sleep and heart-rate tracking, music storage, smartphone notifications, Samsung Pay and more. It is no better than this.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. If you are not a fan of Tizen OS or Samsung Health, then your choice does not stop there. You will have your own pick of many other weaves, be it from Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil, or any other brand that has caught your attention.

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for a smartwatch. First and perhaps most important, you will need to find out what size watch you are after. Smaller watches are often slightly cheaper than their larger counterparts, and some watches may be too large or small for your wrist, which will quickly thin the herd. You have to weigh the importance of features such as fitness and sleep tracking, cellular connectivity, and of course aesthetics – you’re still shopping for a watch, after all, and it should suit your style!