Top 3 best Apex Legends characters to Solo Rank Push

Best Apex Legends Characters – If you are new to Apex Legends and wondering which character to play as your main then you are at the right place.

In this article I will list out those 3 best Apex Legends characters that will help you to secure your objectives.

Different players can have different objectives because there are different roles in the game.

The three major roles in the games are offensive, defensive, and support.

If you like to play aggressive by hunting down your enemies then you should play offensive.

If you like to play aggressive but don’t want to die hunting your enemies then you can play defensive.

But if you don’t like to get kills but survive longer and provide support to your teams then you need to play as a support.

Now that you know about the roles and I hope you have decided your role in your game

Let’s look into the list of characters that are best in their roles.

Bloodhound – Hunt and Kill

Bloodhound is an S-Tire Character and one of the best Apex Legends characters who can pin point the location of enemies around you.

He can give the best vision to your entire team by reveling the location of enemies which gives you advantage in a team fight.

His tactical ability highlights enemies within the range for a short time.

This time is enough to decide whether to fight head to head or take a step back and take them by surprise.

LifelineSupport to Yourself and Your Team

If you play as Lifeline you can heal yourself and your teammates while taking a fight.

While playing as Lifeline you won’t have to worry about reviving your teammates, your drone will take care of it.

Your drone is like another member of your team who will heal you when you are low on health.

It will also help in reviving and also provide an additional shield.

She can provide additional support by calling for a care package that will help you and your teammates a lot.

This care package brings very supportive items like high level shields, gun and healing item.

This is not lot but it’s worth it.

Fade – Speed and Damage

While using Fade you can rewind time which is very helpful.

Fade has the most unique ability, he can gain speed after sliding that helps to reach target location fast.

You can also outplay your enemies by sliding and gaining speed while fighting.

He can also travel back to the place he was a few moment ago. With this ability you can get into a fight and then get out fast.

You can help yourself and your team with the help of the ultimate ability, this ability send anyone within range into void.

You can use it to your advantage, because while you are in void you get movement speed.

This will help your team to get out of a tough situation.


If you want to rank up fast by playing solo then these best Apex Legends characters will help you a lot because of their abilities.

Having them in your team will increase the chances of your survival a lot. But if you love to play any other character that help you in your game then you must play that character only.

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