Top Cool Games to Download in 200 MB on PC 

Welcome to another blog! Are you looking for games to download in 200 MB on your PC? You don’t need to be disappointed because this blog is supported with the solution to your query. There are so many games that all game lovers want to play but because of the high graphics, some players are unable to run them on their devices. Like Free Fire and PUBG battle royale titles, it needs sufficient space then only we can play it on our device. To resolve your issue, you can go up with the sensitivity settings. If you are still unable to play then you will need to find out some other cool games that can suit your device.  

Games Under 200 MB

So, in this today’s blog, I have mentioned some cool games that you can install in 200 MB into your PC. PC is a big model but it also needs sufficient space but you can easily manage it. The games that am going to mention are amazing and can give you different experiences that will lead you to learn something more. For your exploration, you will need to check out the list that I have mentioned below: 

List of 5 Cool Games Under 200 MB for PC 

1- Need for Speed 4: High Stakes 

This is a car racing game that can easily fit into 200 MB storage. If you are using PC and suffering lag issues while playing other games then this game will be amazing. This is not improvised, it is really incredible and you can launch it into Windows 7. Instead of amazing features, you will be going to get a smooth and flexible gameplay experience. Switching yourself to this game is not a compromising thing because it is really great for car racing lovers.  

2- Half-Life: Opposing Force 

Some players are unable to play Free Fire and other similar top battle royale titles on their devices because of storage issues and something more. When it comes to this game, you will not be going to face lag issues. This game is a little similar to Battle Royale titles because you will be going to play the role of a shooter in it. Playing the game can also improve your shooting and other gaming skills and strategies.  

3- Operation Snowman 

I have never gone to any snowy areas but have a soft corner for it. If you are similar to me, then you should try this game. This game will take you to the snowy areas in which you will be surrounded by snow only. You will need to hit the standing snowman in the costume of the Army and that best hit shot will lead you to victory.  

4- 1000 Days to Escape 

Have you ever heard about Elon musk? I think if you have heard about him but you never thought, about what he wanted to do actually. This game will take you to the space center in which you will need to be a pilot that will take the passengers to the other planet by traveling for 1000 days.  

5- Bikerz 

This game could be a little old but it is very sweet and will give you the 2D gaming experience. When it comes to this game, you will need to be like a terrorist who will need to shoot the others that continuously follow your character by cars on the highway.  

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