Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 : How to Play Dust 2 Like a Pro

Best Grenade Spots Dust2
Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

If you want to dominate the opposing side, knowing the best grenade spot Dust 2 is integral.
Dust 2 is a map famous for its middle doors, showing a full line through the entire length of the map for both Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist. To properly maneuver around the map without catching a bullet with your face, it is important to know how to throw smoke from the AWPers in the map to cut the sight, to force enemies into your own crosshairs What Molotov throws and what shines. Jump up the walls to blind your enemies.

Here are the best grenade spots for Dust 2.

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Best grenade spot Dust 2

The first is long A, an important location on the map for terrorists to gain a strong position towards the A site if they decide to take it. Knowing how to flash properly at a long A entrance from a T-spawn will give you an advantage in challenging any whistle that lasts longer. Smoking the corner is a standard play that takes you down to stop the whistle as you walk past the door. This is extremely important.

Perhaps even more importantly gaining control of the long A is actually moving to take the A site. To know how to smoke a cross or lose a round for a long time from the actual site, because a poorly thrown cross will give the enemy an advantageous sight line to take you in the smoke whistle-spawn, as you Let’s try to make our way to the site. . The gap is too wide for one smoke to cover the entirety of the cross, so two smokes are required to provide adequate cover for the long-standing A site.

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Another important smoke to know for Dust 2 is the X-box smoke in the middle. Smoking at the top of this box gives a visual feel of the AWPers in the middle of the whistle and any timid players in the lower tunnels appear among the players who control the catwalk. This is useful in conjunction with nades for a long time, as you can effectively take a split by sending players both long and catwalks at the same time.

“Rush Bee!” Just as much as taking the B site. Smoke coming out of the left wall of the upper tunnels would give the banking terrorists enough room to get a good spot on sight instead of whistling all the way down the tight corridor for an easy ace. The use of this smoke in tandem with the glow helps close enemy players close to the entrance of the tunnels.

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Likewise to take the A site, there is a smoke that you can use to effectively split it towards the B site by sending players through the tunnels and through the middle doors. Smoking the whistle-spawn cuts a view line to make you look from behind to rotate players from A while challenging enemies defending on the B site.