Best Java Woodland Mansion Seeds

Java Woodland Mansion Seeds

Don’t know about Minecraft seeds? So basically, Minecraft seeds are codes that are used to generate the world where you can play. These codes cover all the locations of a wide variety like Murkey dungeons and landscapes with so many beautiful views. 

After getting these woodland mansion seed, you will be able to create a Minecraft world and can explore it. Woodland mansions are supposed as the rare structures of the Minecraft world. It can be gotten by specific conditions.

Guide to Use Java Seeds

When you create the world of bedrock, then you can enable the coordinators. You can also use the F3 key for that, or also a teleport command.  

List of Best Java Woodland Mansion Seeds

1- Mega Rare Opportunity

Mansions are rare when we see that at the edge of the jungle biome. It is not that thing that we have ever seen. 

Key Locations of Mega Rare Opportunity

Savannah Village: -350 80 -650

Desert Village: -460 80 -380

Taiga Village: -360 90 675

Stronghold: -515 35 -1700

Mansion: 50 80 40

2- Mansion Oasis

This seed is very rare that you can’t able to find it everywhere. This seed has an amazing view and amazing homes. The weather and the sky are amazing in this seed. You will get to see incredible colors all around.  

Key Locations of Mansion Oasis

Zombie Spawner: 44 12 93

Three Zombie Spawners: -18 42 -123 | -2 47 -126 | -12 30 -133

Mineshaft: 200 30 10

Village: 50 80 825

Woodland Mansion: 125 80 125

3- A village

You will get to see dark blue water on a large surface. You will get to see so many trees all around. Beautiful homes and beautiful temples you will going to see here. 

Key Locations of Village

Woodland Mansion: 200 80 200

Village #1: 250 80 160

#Village #2: 195 80 645

Village #3: 750 80 750

Ocean Monument: 120 40 90

4- Spawn in the Woodland Mansion

This is an island covered with deep blue water. You will get so many trees all around and beautiful houses over there. 

Key Locations of Spawn in the Woodland Mansion

Shipwreck #1: 152 40 -232

#Shipwreck #2: -108 40 168

Shipwreck #3: 24 40 20

Village: -380 70 -252

Woodland Mansion: 40 70 8

5- Spawn with Two Woodland Mansions

Key Locations of Two Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansion #2: 132 70 232

Village: -164 70 312

Witch’s Hut: 52 70 76

Ocean Ruins: 440 30 680

Woodland Mansion #1: -328 70 232

6- Spawn Inside the Mansion

You will get spawn but you need to get inside the mansion to find that out. 

Key Locations of Spawn

Village: 148 70 196

Ocean Ruins: 344 50 120

Shipwreck: 200 40 56

Witch’s Hut: 40 70 360

Woodland Mansion: 8 80 8

7- Inside the Mansion, you will get Village Spawn

When you get inside the mansion, you will get to see some spawn of the village. 

Key Locations of Village Spawn

Village #1: 52 80 68

Village #2: -208 70 180

Shipwreck: -136 70 520

Witch’s Hut: -360 70 -200

Woodland Mansion: 104 80 56

These are some best java woodland mansion seed that you need to read it out if you want to create the world in Minecraft.

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