Top 3 best weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale

best weapon in Fortnite

Best weapon in Fortnite : Every weapon is best in the hand of the right player. Don’t get offended. But if you are close range fighter you won’t like using sniper.

All depends on your style of play but keeping biased opinion aside we will make a list that will help everyone.

In this article I will try to add weapons of every category so that whether you like to play close range or long range you can get benefited.

The motive of this guide is to help you understand which weapon is better than others. Having a good gun will make all the difference in a fight.

If your opponent outplay you by using better gun then you won’t be able to win many games.

This is why you must know the current meta in the game so that you can have dominant over others.

If you know which best weapon in Fortnite you will be able to decide whether to look for a good gun or replace the gun you already have with you.

Tactical Shotgun

If you love to take close range fight then a shotgun is a must.

Having a Tactical Shotgun in your arsenal will help you to win any close combat battle.

The best thing about shotgun is that it is easy to find all over the map without any problem.

So having a gun with the most damage and which is easy to find will let you have an advantage in a fight.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Love hunting down your enemies? Then you must love sniping.

Sniper help to eliminate enemies from a far. But if your enemy have a better sniper rifle then you won’t be able to win against him.

This is why you must pick Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, it’s a one shot one kill gun for a reason.

A perfect shot will decide your survivalist in the game. If you miss it then it will be hard

If you don’t have the best sniper and your opponent has it.

Rocket Launcher

Guns are good for getting kills but having the best will help you destroy your opponents with ease.

Grab a rocket launcher and Pearce through enemy’s defenses. A launcher will help destroy forts and buildings of your enemy.

The problem with this beast is that it is not available everywhere. Although the ammo can be found here and there.

This is why it is suggested that you collect as many ammo you get in the way and when you find Rocket Launcher wreak havoc.

Hope this list of best weapon in Fortnite will help you win more games.

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