Blogging VS Vlogging in 2021: How to Choose?

Blogging VS Vlogging in 2021: How to Choose?
Blogging VS Vlogging

Blogging vs Vlogging has become a common rivalry among many people.

That competitor has arrived for a reason: both practices are extremely successful and influential among individuals and brands seeking to be more prominent than they have ever been.

Furthermore, blogging and vlogging enable people to share their information with everyone interested in a specific subject on the internet while also earning money.

People start debating whether a blog or a vlog is better.

The complete breakdown of Blogging vs. Vlogging, including which method is better for making money, revealing your authorship, personality, and even which method is more relaxed to begin creating material.

What is the difference between Blogging VS Vlogging?

Blogging VS Vlogging in 2021: How to Choose?
Blogging VS Vlogging

The key distinction is that blogging is a text-based type of content creation, while vlogging is a video-based form of content creation.

In either case, content producers on the internet are debating whether to blog or vlog in 2021.

Which is better for distributing your content: a blog or a vlog?

In 2021, people of all ages are rapidly becoming accustomed to creating and publishing content on the internet. Everyone wants to share their thoughts on a specific case, encounter, or even their daily news with strangers.

Which is the better option? BLOGGING VS VLOGGING

Before you start a blog or a vlog, you must first make a decision about which method is best for you. Actually, whether you can write a blog or make videos depends on what you want to do with this activity and your abilities.

You might be more familiar with blogging if you are a good writer.

You should consider vlogging if you are confident in your personality while speaking into the camera’s microphone.

As a result, the rivalry between blogging and vlogging is closely linked to the individual who produces the content. For starting vlog, all you need is a phone holder and your mobile phone.

So, let’s get down to business.

Which one has the most visitors?

Blogging and Vlogging traffic has changed significantly in the last 5-7 years.

Blogging as a content genre dates back to the early 2000s, if not earlier. Blogging was essentially invented at the same time as an internet connection.

In contrast to vlogging, which is a relatively modern method of content distribution, blogging is a “old school” strategy that might seem to be outdated and controversial at this time, but it isn’t.

Meanwhile, the vlogging phenomenon emerged in the 2010s, but it was just a few years ago that it became extremely successful and appealing to the general public. It’s hard to believe that PewDiePie, the most popular vlogger and YouTuber, only started his channel in 2010.

Furthermore, the consistency of vlogging was terrible back then. All, however, is changing now!

Many experts believe that YouTube will overtake GOOGLE as the most popular internet search engine around 2022.


In general, it’s clear that YouTube has taken over the internet.

However, blogging as a method of content distribution is still popular, and many people all over the world use Google to search for information, which leads them to your blog post.

Both methods of publishing content on the internet, in my opinion, have their position and readers/viewers, and it is a normal behavior.

The amount of traffic you get is determined by your target audience and the content you provide. You must toss these blog or vlog comparisons aside and decide which is best for your content.

You can get more traffic from blogging if you build and write insightful and guidance posts.

You can do vlogging if you want to share your own experience with others and are not afraid of speaking in front of the camera, which you are good at.

Which is the Better Way to Make Money?

Regardless of the useful knowledge that will be given to the audience, writers want to profit from it, right?

First and foremost, both Blogging and Vlogging have large audiences. We published an article as an example of how much money you can make from 1000 YouTube views, which you can find here.

Let’s take a look at a basic statistic:

Every month, over 3 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube, with over 1 billion views.

Furthermore, the AVERAGE amount of views from mobile devices on YouTube is 1,000,000,000.

You can imagine the number of people you will meet with a well-made video that goes viral.

The best part is this:

Every day, more than 6 billion searches are conducted on the Internet across all platforms. We can make the easy change that there are more blog page views every day than views on YouTube if we translate these figures to clicks on the results we find.

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Payouts for Blogging and Vlogging

Most of the time, the payout arrangement for blogging and vlogging is the same. In most cases, bloggers, Vloggers, and YouTubers make money mostly through Google AdSense.

It goes without saying that there are additional sources of income:

You can make money in both ways by using affiliate links in your blogs, videos, advertisements, and other media.

The majority of the time, income from blogging or vlogging is determined by traffic!

But here’s the twist:

I agree with the majority of marketing experts who believe that vlogging has a greater future earning opportunity than blogging!

Video has a built-in element of entertainment. It means that people are more interested in videos and are more likely to watch them and spend more time on your channel, resulting in a higher conversion rate.


Your video could go viral if it appears in the platform recommendation section with 0 views and 0 subscribers. To put it another way, vlogging is a better way to make money if you already have a viral idea that you can transform into a video.