borderlands 3 – Complete Guide for bad reception quest

Bad reception is a popular mission that you need to complete in the game Borderland 3. If you are a fan of action role-playing games then you must know about Borderland this is a famous video game develop and published by 2K Games for multiple platforms. In this game, players get 4 different series one of the latest and most popular series is Borderland 3 which was release on 2019 for Windows, Xbox, and Play Station.

If you are here then chances are you are playing that game and if you are interested in this game then you need to follow some simple instructions given below and complete one of the popular missions in which you are stuck – borderlands 3 bad reception.

bad reception quest of borderlands

Bad Reception

The Borderland 3 Bad Reception is a popular quest in which most players are stuck. This is an early mission in which the player has to run in the first half an hour of the game and after that player has to negotiate for the rigmarole of opening cutscene, and other selected characters. After that player has to fight off with the first few crazed baddies of the Children of the Vault. In this quest, the player observes that immediately opposite the passageway leads to a scrapyard in which you can take on your first sidequest. So, we are here with this guide and want to ensure the start of your planet-hopping adventure.

Now, upgrade your character in such a way that you are able to play this game extraordinarily and you should be able to follow all the instructions which we provide in the below guide.

How to Complete Bad Reception of Borderland 3 – Guide

If you want to complete this mission then your character must have been on level 5, which you should be at least most of the way towards upon entering The Droughts. In this mission, you also need some different components which spread across the zone, including a wire hanger and a spork.

In this game, you need to learn about some new mechanics of this game such as sliding and mantling. So, after you understand all types of additional features of your character this is a time to start this game by shooting the three satellite dishes. You need to do this once and you have spoken to the ‘Completely Sane Kid’ by his shack. Now, you get your opponent and not confused with a big windmill background you need to shoot the target for a house, which you get base under the large windmill and another house near a satellite array.

Now, you need to find the final one and shoot which you find when you look to the left of the windmill and you find, just shot. The next target is the electrified cave, you need to enter in a cave and you met with a body of water with a nasty ekectrical affliction. The shocking supply comes from a yellow tube that runs from the water and a opponent is near the top of it. So, you have shot very carefuly and safely.

Now, claiming the wire hanger for Claptrap is terribly will but you need to climb the mountain overlooking the closed entrance and you look at the mountain there is route up it if you swing round by the right. The you need to use the ground pound and jump off the mountain overlooking the entrance with space bar and then press L-Ctrl and mid-jump to initiate the move.

Now, if you aimed your descent right, you will be able to enter this previously-inaccessible area. Finally two are fairly simple, but test you on the basic of sliding and mantling.


If you read all the above information then I think you understand about borderlands 3 bad reception. This Bad Reception quest need your proper attention which you able to complete by following all the above instructions and if you understand all the information which given below, then not forget to share this article and if possible leave your valuable comment below.

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