Botw Motorcycle: Zelda BoTW Master Cycle Zero – How to get a motorcycle

Botw Motorcycle
Botw Motorcycle

The master cycle is a special mount in Zelda Breath of Zero the Wild. It is indeed a motorcycle, a piece of ancient technology one could use to ride on the Link Hyrule. You have to get the Champions Ballad DLC if you want, but you must complete a set of challenges before riding in the sunset. Since many players are eager to get their hands on the Hylian Hog, we decided to write a guide on how to get Master Cycle Zero in Zelda BoTW.

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How to Get Botw Motorcycle Zero

You will need to complete all four divine animal quests. Once this happens, Princess Zelda will talk to you telepathically, convincing you to return to the first pilgrimage you visited. Go back to the pilgrimage of resurrection in the Great Plateau. Kill your Shakika Slate in the slot, and you’ll get an impressive piece of weapon.

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This is called the One-Hit Obliterator, and it slips in one hit. Sadly, it makes you super-brittle – you’ll have a quarter of a heart, there’s no way to replenish it. This means that you will kill anything with one shot, but you will also be killed with one shot.

Four new temples will appear on your map as soon as the weapon is found. They will be automatically marked on the map with glow dots. There is a catch here, though – you won’t be able to enter a shrine before you clear an enemy camp that rests on it. Once you do, the entrance to the temple will appear. The temple challenge will also revolve around the dangers of being one-shot, so be careful.

Once you have cleaned all four temples, you can move on to the second part of the challenge. You must have seen Kas in many places near a strange monument. Talking to him on each of them will begin a series of tests, each consisting of finding and completing three pilgrimages. They are:

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  • Champion meefa song
  • Champion Revley Song
  • Champion Urbosa Song
  • Champion Daruk’s song

When you complete each of these, you unlock the final trial. It is a particularly difficult endeavor, situated on the pilgrimage of the resurrection. When you reach its end, you have to fight the monk Maz Koshia. When you’ve defeated him, you’ll eventually get your very own motorcycle master bicycle Zero.