Call of Duty: Mobile’ turns one year and several gifts arrive at the game

The game ” Call of Duty: Mobile ” has just completed its first anniversary in early October, as it was made official for mobile devices on January 1, 2018 . However, Activision has only recently announced the new features that will be implemented in the title to commemorate this date.

Call of Duty: Mobile' turns one year and several gifts arrive at the game

The new features will be part of the 11th season of the game, which received a special trailer showing some information about what is to come, allowing expectations to be high for those who are constantly looking to evolve within the title.

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Among the novelties is the arrival of the already known alcatraz map, however, unlike the game Black Ops 4, it is not linked to Blackout mode, but in Battle Royale, which ends up being an advantage for those who prefer this gameplay format, since it is one of the strengths of the mobile version of the action game ..

Something very interesting for those who like to socialize with other players to build a more cohesive team was the implementation of “The Club”, which is nothing more than an area where it is possible to establish communication with different gamers present in the region of the chosen server, as well as enjoy the mini-games present there.

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Finally, several weapons are arriving to make the guerrillas even more competitive, as well as seasonal events are being applied.