CarryMinati PUBG Mobile Id, Subscriber, Stream Equipment and Many More.

PUBG Mobile is an adventurous game that has become the world top game ever in-game history. Since streaming has been performing a wide range of players regular posted their content to enhance the game skills and convey the right approach towards the game. CarryMinati is one of them that play a great role in content creation and doing this task for a long time. Today in this article we will discuss him and his stream equipment briefly. 

CarryMinati PUBG Mobile Id, Subscriber, Stream Equipment and Many More.
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Who is CarryMinati?

CarryMinati is the most signed YouTube channel in Asian countries. Carrie Minati’s real name is Ajai Nagar, he is an associate Indian comedian, gamer, rapper. CarryMinati has its second channel or vice channel named CarryisLive which has more than seven million subscribers. CarryisLive channel was started on 8th January 2017, during this channel, he uploads gameplay videos and will live stream various games along with the most fashionable game PUBG Mobile.

If you are a friend of CarryMinati (Ajay Nagar) and want to know more about him then you are in the right place on the net. Here we will share everything about CarryMinati PUBG ID, Real Name, Age, KD, Wiki Bio.

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CarryMinati is also known by his nickname Ajay Nagar and belong to the city Faridabad in India. His character is famous for comedic skits and famous for his various collection of videos on his personal YouTuber channel. 

If we talk about his current PUBG Mobile ID that is 545247961 and running his another YouTube channel by Carislive name. 

What is the CarryMinati Stats?

Now, if we talk about his ongoing season then CarryMinati has played more than 70 squad matches out of the 8 has to be won. He has acquired a K/D ratio of 11.42% so far along with 120 notched kills and counts as a platinum II-tier player. 

Apart from this CarryMinati has covered more than 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 1.75 billion views have to be completed. 

His source of Income is directly attached to his YouTube channel and from other social media account like Facebook and Instagram where he streams the live videos to introduce the new commerce players to the game. CarryMinati touch the zenith since he started steaming the live session to uplift the skills of other players. 

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PUBG Mobile is an online battleground game that has become the number one game and is played all over the world. Despite the vehement opposition from the government of several countries, this game is still operating via various links and APK files. 

In terms of streaming the videos and content creation, we have several names in front of us. But people prefer some of the big and famous names and CarryMinati is one of the top names that influences a lot of folks. So if you are a PUBG Mobile lover and wanted to know more about CarryMinati then follow his YouTube channel and join him on Instagram and other social media paths. 

Once you visit his path and know his hacks to maintain the profile it will guide you to play better next time. K/D ratio is one of the crucial things to maintain a better score in any game mostly in battleground games. We have played many squad matches so far but if we don’t maintain the K/D ratio then it impacts our score that will not better to achieve a good rank. 

So we hope this article will help to convey the up to the mark information about CarryMinati and his stats and ID.

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