how to get Ceolbert out of the cave in AC Valhalla – Full Guide

If you are a fan of action role-playing games then I think you understand Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is one of the popular action role-playing games with queen lots of hearts from all over the world and almost all age people love to play this game there are lots of quests in which the player starts in this game one of the popular quests is Ceolbert out of the cave.

This is not a quest, the name of the quest is – the bloody path to peace quest, and in this quest, you get a Ceolbert, a character of this game, and your mission is to get back to the Web series easily without any problem.

There are lots of players who are stuck in this game and don’t able to understand how to get Ceolbert out of the cave the way you can complete this mission is very interesting but for this, you have to stick with this article and follow all the instructions given below.

Ceolbert out of the cave in AC valhalla

Ceolbert out of the cave

AC Valhalla is a very popular game but most player is stuck in trying to figure out how to Ceolbert out of the cave which makes this bloody path to peace quest very interesting. The biggest problem which you need to face in this quest is in the last where the Sciropescire story arc. Shortly after a boss fight, you will have to locate Ceolbert, but you are not able to find him anywhere.

After completing your flight if you move towards his camp then you will be able to talk to the guards who give you a clue to his location. Now, the work is you have to head to the area where you have to search for a cave to find the Ceolbert and you will now get a task to carry him out of the cave and visit Wesberie to end this quest.

After understanding the concept of this game you thought this is easy but it is hard to jump or climb when you carry someone in a cave that\’s why everyone is confused about how to take him out from the cave and this is a problem with the solution is given below.

how to get Ceolbert out of the cave

You want to be able to climb high walls when you carry Ceolbert and you need to walk in a normal way. To take Ceolbert safely you need to throw him over your shoulder and then vault over the obstacles in the doorway where you came in and then turn left and you should follow the walls to find another doorway to come out from this cave.

In this way, you again need to turn left and follow the wall to find another doorway that leads to a ramp. Now you should notice a narrow slope on the right side of a passageway and use this slope to find the doorway. You find one more door hue near this but ignore that and squeeze yourself a little by carrying Ceolbert look to your right and you see another narrow ledge against the wall which will carry you to the next room where you drop down and come out from the cave.


Once you come outside you can Mount up and take Ceolbert to Wesberie according to your preferred way and this will end the bloody path to the peace quest mission of AC Valhalla. So if you think this article provides you with complete information please share this article with your friend and leave your valuable comment or thoughts below.