Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui : Movie Review Ayushmann Khurrana and Vaani Kapoor

Smoke rises when fitness fanatic Manvinder \”Manu\” Munjal (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Aerobics instructor Maanvi Brar (Vaani Kapoor) confront at his fitness center. Her most public persona cherishes him. She appears to have no issues with his school education. He comes from a traditional Hindu family, with two powerful siblings, a father who is now in a relationship with a Muslim girl, and a grandfather who is the most reasonable of them all.

She gets along well with her retired father but not with her mother. Their own bond begins to develop beyond sexual desire and emotional connection. Those who appeared to be made for each other. Then it\’s revealed that she\’s a transsexual, and everything changes.

It appears to take him a long time to recognize that romance permeates organisms, sex, and social rules, but it does not necessitate external verification.


Natarang (2010) is a Marathi movie wherein Atul Kulkarni plays a boxer who finds love with both the tamasha form of art and becoming a nachya (a personality who behaves flirtatiously) again for his passion for art. He should survive a good deal as just a consequence of his judgment, and he never really gives up his enthusiasm.

The movie brought into question created macho standards, and something comparable is repeatedly tried here too. Vaani Kapoor\’s personality is indeed a dude by conception and has always started feeling rather like a female inside too. She needs to undergo a gender change and physiologically convert into just one. 

She is represented as a military child. Her parents and sisters forgo her. Her dad, a retired teacher, has been shown to be her only admirer. Folks all understand how much focus the military spots on dominant male masculinity, and it\’s wonderful to see a military dad really be appreciative. Another man in her daily existence is really a pehalwaan, some other overachiever.

He competes in saal tournaments all over Gabru. He at first gets to live in refusal, and yet, afterward, enlightens himself regarding sexual equality. as well as recognizing that anything can hinder the process of adoration. It\’s yet another bold message. People always want to be included and acknowledged, but this doesn\’t come at the cost of everyone else.

The protagonist declares unequivocally that she is capable of fighting her own battles. She doesn\’t need anyone\’s help with any of this. People who refuse to strictly adhere to standards have to fight for their belief systems their entire adult lives, and no one else can do it for them.

We\’ve been raised to believe in predefined sex and race norms. We\’ve been stereotyped in order to avoid anything out of the ordinary. It wasn\’t until recently that the lines between what was common and what wasn’t began to blur, and people began to question long-held beliefs. Transgenderism will take a long time to rise to prominence. Perhaps as a result of all of this, this film is released.

This is a touchy topic that has never been addressed in a Bollywood movie advertisement before. Fortunately, his cast members fully understood his point of view and did everything in their power to engage in it. Vaani Kapoor, who had previously been confined to shoulder-sweets positions, had a spiritual experience within the film.

It was a risk for her to play a transgender character. She\’s mastered her protagonist\’s our—tempo. Maanvi\’s movements, eyelids, and gestures reveal both her strength and vulnerability. She\’s a force of nature in front of the camera and should be pickier about the films she appears to work on as well as the filmmakers with whom she appears to collaborate.

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui is a statement piece about a controversial subject, and taking such a leap of faith requires a big heart and a lot of guts. Show some respect, Abhishek Kapoor, for trying it, and kudos to Ayushmann and Vaani for offering it their own all. The movie isn\’t without faults, but what it\’s going to aim for is so substantial that it\’s better to forget the others…

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