Characters from GTA San Andreas and Their Voice Actors!


Veteran players of GTA San Andreas are already familiar with the characters in this game. However, few players are familiar with the voice actors that created such characters. View the list of voice performers for GTA San Andreas below! 

Numerous characters from the Grand Theft Auto video game series appear in GTA San Andreas. Veterans of the game can still recall many of their notable quips and sayings. The voice cast is one of the main factors that helped make this game successful. You should be familiar with the following list of GTA San Andreas voice performers. 

Los Santos voice actors from GTA San Andreas 

An iconic location in the Grand Theft Auto video game series is Los Santos. Many gamers consider it to be one of their favorite places. The Metropolis of Saints is a well-known nickname for this sizable city. High-profile crimes frequently occur there, making it one of the game series’ most dangerous locations. 

From GTA San Andreas to the most recent game version, GTA 5, Los Santos is home to numerous street gangs. The CJ house on Grove Street in the GTA is a well-known gathering place for street gangs. 

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Main characters from GTA San Andreas in Los Santos 

  1. Young Maylay provides the CJ voice 
  2. Samuel L. Jackson provides the voice of Frank Tenpenny 
  3. Chris Penn provides Eddie Pulsashi’s voice 
  4. Armando Riesco provides the voice of Jimmy Hernandez 
  5. Clifton Powell provides the voice of “Big Smoke” Melvin Harris 
  6. Faizon Love provides the voice of “Sweet” Sean Johnson 
  7. MC Eiht performs “Ryder” Lance Wilson’s voice 
  8. Clifton Collins Jr. provides the voice of Cesar Vialpando 
  9. Yoolanda Whittaker provides Kendl Johnson’s voiceover 
  10. Ice-T lends his voice to Madd Dogg 
  11. Jonathan Anderson provides the voice of “OG Loc” Jeffrey Cross 

Main characters from GTA San Andreas in San Fierro 

  1. Cynthia Farrell provides the voice of Catalina 
  2. Peter Fonda provides The Truth’s voice 
  3. James Wood performs Mike Toreno’s voice 
  4. Kid Frost provides the voice of T-Bone Mendez 
  5. Charlie Murphy provides the voice of Jizzy B 
  6. David Cross performs the voice of Zero 
  7. James Yaegashi does Wu Zi Mu’s voice acting 

Main characters from GTA San Andreas in Las Venturas 

  1. Frank Vincent performs the voice of Salvatore Leone 
  2. William Fichtner provides the voice for Ken Rosenberg 
  3. Danny Dyder does the voice for Kent Paul 
  4. Shaun Ryder lends his voice to Maccer 
  5. Casey Siemaszko provides the voice of Johnny Sindacco 

Other individuals in GTA San Andreas 

  1. The Game provides Mark Wayne’s voice as “B Dup” 
  2. Big Boy provides the voice of “Big Bear” Barry Thorne 
  3. Eugene Jeter Jr. plays the role of Emmet 
  4. Navid Khonsari provides Dwaine’s voice 
  5. John Zurhellen is the voice behind Jethro 
  6. Hunter Platin voids Ran Fa Li 
  7. Richard Chang provides the voice of Su Xi Mu 
  8. Heather Alicia Simms provides the voice of Denise Robinson 
  9. Bijou Philips provides the voice of Helena Wankstein 
  10. China Chow is the voice of Katie Zhan 

One of the main reasons for the game’s enormous popularity is its voice actors. This article focuses on the voice actors from GTA: San Andreas. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for the latest update.

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