How to get Colovian Fur Helm in Elder Scroll Video game

If you are a fan of action role-playing games then elder scroll is one of the popular games which you must play that is developed and published by Bethesda game studios. This is a first-person perspective game first time developed in 1998 but people who love this game and the company start updating their game and their latest update is launched in 2020 this series has lots of different types of games with different stories this series has sold more than 58 million copies of the game worldwide which shows that this game is very popular. 

If you want to play this game with the different types of characters then Colovian Fur Helm  is one of the elements which you may get in this game if you want to understand about this item then you are in the right place in this article we describe you everything about this Colovian Fur Helm and what is the importance of this element in this game. 


Colovian Fur Helm 

This is a light helmet in elder scroll 3 which series is popularly known as Morrowind. This element or special hat is base armor which weighs 2 and the base value is 25. This helmet has armor health 70 and there is no additional effect and this element falls In a category of light armor. 

Where you able to do business in colovian Fur Helm

This element is also available for business means there are different types of merchants where you get this helmet if you are new to this game then we describe the two most important versions which provide you colovian Fur Helm. 

  • Hot at the end of the world renters rooms in Dagon Fel. 
  • Titas Sadus at Tiras Sadus: General Merchandise in Ald’ruhn. 

Locations where you get colovian Fur Helm 

If you are in search of some basic help for this game then we provide you with some important locations where you get this wonderful helmet for your character. 

  • You get it in the fighters Guild Chest at the Fighters Guild in Balmora. 
  • This helmet is Worn by M’aiq the Liar. 
  • You get this helmet by Kjolver, in Kjolver’s Dwelling. 
  • You also get this by Gaedol in Ebonheart docks. 

Is colovian Fur Helm the best helmet?

After understanding about location and merchant if you want to know about the quality of this helmet then I say that this helmet has very less health. So according to my experience if you are starting this game then colovian Fur Helm is the best choice as a helmet for you. 

Try to choose this helmet as soon as possible because if you survive some quests properly in this game then you get lots of helmets that are far better than this helm. 


If you think this article provides you with complete information and you get all types of information about this special helmet in the elder scroll then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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