Complete for Tonnastadir Mission in Assassin Creed

If you define affection came that I think you understand about Assassin’s creed this is one of the popular action role-playing games and most of the players are stuck in a quest known as a door in Tonnastadir if you are also stuck in this mission then you are in the right place in this article I provide you complete guide to complete the mission of Tonnastadir. 

In Assassin creed, there are lots of missions and you need a special guide for awesome missions this guide you get to know How to open the barred doors in Tonnastadir in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. 

Tonnastadir Mission

Tonnastadir mission

If you are a fan of Assassin Creed and you are in this article then chances are you try to find the way to complete the Tonnastadir Valhalla house mission. So, as you make your way through this stunning world of 9th century England in this game you stumble across the Tonnastadir outpost. 

Tonnastadir offers several valuable items including a hearts man helmet and a book of knowledge both hidden behind the locked door and you need to open that door. This is a quest you need to complete to get both rarest items of this game to complete other upcoming quests. This mission is very interesting and the complete guide to help you are given below. 

How to open the barred doors in Tonnastadir in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

 In this mission, you can see many barred doors in Valhalla. So to open this door easily players work on the barricade with their axe. In Tonnastadir, there is no other way to enter the house by using an axe on the barred you just need to rely on a strong bow and your steady aim. 

To access the house of Tonnastadir, you need to line up your bow with the cracks of lattice windows and attempt to hit the brackets on the inside of the door at the opposite end of the building. 

This mission is not easy you need to take a bit of shuffling around the opposite end of the building. It is not easy to shoot that’s why when you use Odin’s sight you can pick the brackets which you need to destroy. 

After that use of odins sight, you can enter the building and claim your loot don’t forget to break through the plank on the floor to locate some extra goodies beneath. 

How to find Tonnastadir key 

In this mission, you need to find the Tonnastadir key for which you need to access Hitsman’s Helm and a Book of Knowledge in the Tonnastadir door. Now you need to understand no fancy climb is needed here so if you want extra care you can drop in from the roof otherwise you can simply walk in and pick it up inside the biggest building. But you should be aware that there is a guard, so you need to fight them before you grab the key. 

Once you have grabbed the key head to the area of the encampment with the largest statue. On the way, the locked door leads into a cave and there are a couple of guards nearby. Beat the guards unlock the door and follow the cave to the bottom to find a chest containing herdsmen’s help and you find all your other words this is the time when your mission ends.


If you read all the information will be given above then this mission of Assassin Creed full completed properly without any problem if this article provides you with complete information and some extra tips and tricks to complete this mess then not forget to share this article and if possible the leave your valuable comment below. 

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