Counter Strike: Go user shows the easiest route to smoke window on mirage

Counter Strike smoke window
Counter Strike smoke window

Utility usage is one of the most important aspects of counter strike, by using a variety of utilities at one’s disposal, a player can lead his team to an easy win or help them win the all-important clutch. . But despite players purchasing and using these utilities in most cases, they do not do so effectively in the proper way, most are just hoping to get them a positive result.

To help such players, a Reddit user tried to show a simple smoke lineup on the Mirage, allowing T-side players better control over the ‘mid’. But, U / Viper 5416 seems to have literally taken the callout ‘window’ while learning this smoke, as it tends to show off its unique smoke lineup.

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To be fair, the user showed us a window smoke but it was the wrong window he went for! Apparently the player was trying to do something fun. In reality, although ‘window’ smoke is the act of drawing a leg, if learned properly, a player’s arsenal can actually contain significant smoke.

As such gaining control of that area gives a huge advantage to the T-Sided team, which can then move around as easily as desired on any site. The dedication made by the player to show this hilarious lineup is quite commendable and can be the perfect prank to play in your team when they ask for ‘window’ smoke, but be careful because it will kick you May take

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