CS Global Offensive tops gaming popularity charts

CS global offensive

CS Global offensive is a very popular multiplayer game. Every gamer must have heard or played this game once.

This game is so popular which is why many eSports are conducted for this game.

You can also download and play this game on your PC for free. To download this game read our guide on this.

 Download CSGO Mobile Latest APK Version 3.3

In this guide you will get to know about this game in details like its size, gameplay guns and maps and many more.

So if you want to know more about CS Global offensive read this full article and you will get to know everything about this game.

CS Global Offensive Size

To download this game you need to install steam on your computer and size of steam is about few MBs. But after installing it will start updating which includes few more MBs.

The overall size of steam only is 1 to 2 GB. In addition to that the size of this game is about 15 GB.

So overall size of this game will be of around 20 GB taking additional internal downloads into consideration.

CS Global Offensive Download Free

This game is available to download for free. You need to have a steam account to deoanload this game.

To play this game you can create a free steam account and login to download this game for absolutely free.

If you are looking for a free multiplayer game on steam then you can download CS Global Offensive and play with your friends.

This is a competitive shooter game where the macanism of this game is similar to many other shooter games.

The difference of this game is that there are two teams, terrorist and anti-terrorist.

The role of terrorist is to plant the bomb and on the other hand the role of counter terrorist is to find and defuse the bomb planted to win the round.

CS Global Offensive Gameplay

To win this game you will have to either complete the objective or you can kill everyone on opponent team.

The objective is clear, either plant the bomb or defuse and stop the other team form completing their objectives.

After every round of game you will get coins that you can use to buy better guns and equipment which you increase your chances of winning and surviving.

There are many amazing CS global offensive maps to choose to play. One of the most famous map of this game is de_dust 2.

Maps on this game makes differences because maps are different from each other so choose your map wisely to increase your chances of winning.

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