How to complete mission of Dauntless deathmarks

If you are playing a dauntless game then to complete the haunt pass level you need to collect some Deathmarks. In dauntless video game death mark are collectible items and you need to follow all the important instructions which given below to collect all that marks to complete the mission of haunt pass. 

So, if you need to complete this one of the important and interesting missions of dauntless you need to follow some important instructions which are given below. 

How to complete mission of Dauntless deathmarks

Dauntless video game

Dauntless is a free-to-play action role play game, which win lots of hearts all over the world. This game is developed by phoenix lab and published by Epic games. This company developed lots of games but don’t less. It is one of the most popular video games which has become so popular in ver less time. You can play this game on Microsoft, Xbox,  PlayStation, and PC. 

This is a very exciting game in which you get lots of different types of characters and you have to kill those enemy characters and you can also play this game in multiplayer format and in this process you have to make your team and kill all enemies of every mission. In every mission you get a different type of task and when you complete those task you able to play the next level. 

In this article we are going to explain to you about one of the popular stages or levels of dauntless video games which is known as haunt pass level. So, to comple this level you need to collect all deathmarks. The process or the complete guide to collect all deathmarks are given in this article. 

Collect Deathmarks in Dauntless : Guide 

When you collect each deathmarks you get 5 experiences and this leads to progress in the mission of haunt pass. In this way, when you collect all deathmarks then you are able to complete this mission. 

  • First Deathmark. 

When you reach or load into Ramsgate then when you look at your right against the wall of archery you get the first deathmark of this mission. 

  • Second Deathmarks

After collecting the first mark you have to move ahead or walk left hand side of square and you find the second deathmarks when you move towards and look right hand side of Core Breaker, next to the Mentor, Katerin Sorrel.

  • Third Deathmarks

After collecting those two you have yo move towards the stair and when you climb at the top of stair then you find the third deathmarks on the left hand side of that building. 

  • Fourth deathmarks

After that turn right and head past the dog and you find another deathmark against the wall outside the tavern. 

  • Fifth deathmarks

Continue your journey and past the Dr Priyani the Behemoth Expert and then you see a piler in your right and this is a place for another deathmark. 

  • Sixth deathmarks

After that meet Dr Priyani and stand in front of her face to face then look towards your left and you find a stair and after climbing that alley you find next deathmarks in your right side. 

  • Seventh deathmarks

Now, move towards stop steps and when you reach at the top then look left and you find another deathmark. 

  • Eighth deathmarks

To pick this deathmark you need to use carate. When you reach at the top of stone step just look ahead and you find short alley. When you reach their you find next deathmarks. 

  • Nineth deathmarks

Just move forward and you see next deathmark on the ledge of your left, just jump and grab it. 

  • Tenth deathmarks

Drop down from that ledge into a wooden deck and you find next deathmarks in one wooden deck. 


This is not the end, in this mission you get 22 deathmarks, but only these 10 are tough when you find them your journey become easy and you get other deathmarks by just moving forward in your journey. So, if this article provide complete information about Dauntless deathmarks guide then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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