Dawn of war 2 last stand build quest Guide

If you are a fan of action video games then you must know about the Dawn of war 2. This is one of the popular video games which win lots of hearts from all over the world the process to complete the last stand mission is given in this article. 

Generally, where any player plays the dawn of war 2 game he or she is stuck in a mission where they have to complete the last stand build. So, the complete guide for the last stand build is given below. 

Dawn of war 2 last stand build quest

Dawn of war 2 

The full name of this game is Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2. This is a real-time strategy role-playing game. This game is developed by Rick entertainment, this game was launched in 2009 but when people liked this game then the company published lots of sequels. The latest sequel published by this game is in April 2017 but in 2020 this game is loved by lots of people from all over the world. 

In this game, player has a character and an army this game is based on a world full of fights. The whole world is stuck in chaos and fight. If you are a lover of fighters then you love this game and in this game, you have to kill enemies and make this world peaceful.  

How to beat the last stand in this game 

This game has lots of missions and quests but one of the popular missions is the last quest and if you are stuck in this then follow the instructions given below.

In this article, we provide you with lots of character combinations which make you fight easy and you able to win this fight very easily without any problem. 

  1. Space Marine Captain

If you want to complete the quest of the dawn of war 2 for the last stand then you can choose this character which has lots of the best features and ability which change the game. 

This is character is born with some starting period of Warhammer and you get jump pack with all that this is a very versatile hero which has the ability to fight in any range. 

Weapon – plasma gun

Armour – Armour of Resilience 

Accessory 1 – Oath of Merciless Rage

Accessory 2 – Rite of Fortitude

  1. Farseer 

This character is also one of the best characters which you can choose to win the last stand fight. This character is quick and like to kill people with their brains. Some of the best features and weapons are given below – 

Weapon – Witchblade 

Armour – Armour of Vaul

Accessories 1 – Runes of the Harlequin

Accessories 2 – Runes if Deception

  1. Ork Mekboy

This is another one of the best characters which has the ability to change the game. If you want to win the fight of the last stand then you can choose this character. This character is Unpredictable and Unreliable. This character is brilliant and probably be the best character of this game. 

Weapon – Big Shoota 

Armour – Teleporta Pack 

Accessories 1 – Cybork Parts

Accessories 2 – Sturdy Bitz 

  1. Hive Tyrant 

Hive Tyrant is one the best character in last stand it has a tough as tough Space Marine and this character is come with lots of minions. Just try not to let the voice of the Hive mind creep you out too much. 

Weapon – Crushing Talons

Armor – Poison Cysts

Accessories 1 – Explosive Decomposition

Accessories 2 – Bio Feedback


If you read this article until then and then I think you understand everything about Last stand fight of war hammer Dawn of war if this article helps you to get complete information about dawn of a war and the mission then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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