Dead Exos locations – Read full information about Dead Exons

Dead Exos are part of a popular game, Destiny 2. This is a Destiny 2 video game; Dead Exo locations are collectibles as part of the Beyond light expansion in the Destiny 2 video game. When you complete the mission of the Deep Stone Crypt raid by the community. So, if you are searching to know the locations of dead exos locations, you are in the right place; just stick with this article until the end and read about all the locations of exos in this article in full detail.

Dead Exos

Dead Exos locations

Dead exos are some collectibles you need to collect to proceed further in Destiny 2. If you play Destiny 2 video game, you reach this stage when you complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid mission.

Let me tell you that there are 9 dead exos in various locations around the Europa. Most of them are in main areas, but some are also in the lost sectors. There is a simple trick: if you unlock “The Lament Exotic Sword,” then you can easily find three of them.

A list of all dead exos locations is given below; just read them.

Dead Exo 1 – Cadmus Ridge

This dead exo is the first on the list, which you can easily find in Cadmus Ridge along the left side of the snow block. When you enter the Cadmus Ridge location, you have to move left and jump up on large snow, a mound on the main path. When you stand on the top of that snow, you will find one Exo on the ground by an edge.

Dead Exo 2 – Perdition Lost Sector

You find this dead exo in the perdition lost sector and found in the boss room in the corner, so you have to find this dead exo in the perdition lost sector in the boss room.

Dead Exo 3 – Bray Exoscience

This dead Exo is located in Bray Exoscience location in the main building of west Cadmus ridge. When you reach that room, you have to enter the bright room in that main building, and then you have to take the right path as though you were going to create but stop in the first room. Then search the corner to find the exo.

Dead Exo 4 – Creation

If you want to find your new dead exo, you will need to make your way to Creation, and this is the area through Bray Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge. In this destination, you find the bridge, and you have to walk down and when you step down from th bridge, try to make your head towards the door at the back and close to the left-hand side of the door you will find the dead exo.

Dead Exo 5 – Concealed Void Lost Sector

This is another dead exo that you can find in the Concealed Void Lost Sector; when you reach that sector, then behind the boss loot chest, you find this exo

Dead Exo 6 – Asterion Abyss

This sixth dead exo is on the east of Asterion Abyss at the near path to the nexus. This Exo is buried in the snow, just below the ridge wall.

Dead Exo 7 – Well of Infinitude

This is the next dead Exo in the wall of Infinitude; this is an area accessed via Asterion Abyss, which is head into the Nexus and when you reach a fork, take the right-hand path and then continue through the Vex tunnels until you reach a larger room with drones flying around.

Dead Exo 8 – Eventide Ruins

This is the other dead exo you can find near the entrance when you visit the Deep Stone Crypt Raid; when you enter the Entire Ruins, you cross the area, which keeps the gravity lift to Riis-Reborn you approach on your left. When you enter the destroyed building at the top right of the map. Then you find one dead exo in the ground beside three exhausts.

Dead Exo 9 – Buner E15 Lost Sector

This is the last dead exo in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in the room before the boss fight. After freeing the first few frames, you enter the larger open area, and you see Cyclops spawns; when you reach that destination, you can find one exo under the stairs. 


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