Destiny 2 Players are Not Happy About Upcoming Gear Designs

The weapon and armor set designs for Destiny 2’s upcoming Beyond Light expansion are proving simply unimpressive to a lot of players.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Season 12 is coming soon to Destiny 2, and is accompanied by new rituals and special weapons, which are obtainable through specific quests. Gear is not yet available, but official designs have been released and some players are very critical of what Beyond Light is bringing to Destination 2.

Bungie Destiny 2 is updating bit-of-light information for the community a bit before the update is due this fall and beyond some recent revelations is Light’s armor design. Both armor sets and weapons have been heavily criticized, with some saying that they like the old designs better or to say that the design of this extension is still inaccessible.

Many players were excited to hear that Adapt Weapon Weapon is coming to Destiny 2, as they were very popular in Destiny 1 and could be acquired for players who had flown in Osiris’ trial. When the trial came in Destiny 2, some veteran players feared acquiring Adapt weapons with their inner third allowances, but were disappointed to see them not available in Flawless Chest.

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Adopt weapons are on the way in future seasons for the trial, but the latest revelations have worried their fans. A destiny player mocked those fears in the image of fake “skillful weapons”.

The Adad gun looks very cute, but wrapped in a poorly rubbed purple cloth, which some players just like and is poorly made. Some people think the purple “bandana” is cool, but the majority opinion is that Bungie took an old design, tied a cloth around it, and is introducing that a highly-anticipated weapon in Destiny 2 was considered .

Here are some of the Destiny 1 rare armor that will be available next season compared to the new core activity armor. I mean, do I really need to understand how much better the sets on the left are than the ones on the right?

Players are also rare compared to Armor Destiny 1, with the new core activity Armor coming next season calling Destiny 2, the new Armor uninspiring. Twitter user @DestinyNostalgia says they are huge fans of the Destiny 2 art team working in general, but this new armor doesn’t just look exciting or innovative, and they’re just disappointed. Many comments agree that the Destiny 2 armor is realized when compared with older armor, but there is no firm consensus, with some expressing their affinity for the Destiny 2 armor set.

While there is some disagreement on the general quality of the Destiny 2 design, it is clear that Beyond Light gear is receiving quite a negative response. Hopefully players are more impressed with the content and features when they get a chance to play in detail.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available on November 10 for PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. A PS5 version is also under development.