Destiny 2 etched crystals – How to complete Crystal mission of Destiny 2

As we know, Destiny 2 is one of the popular video games which win lots of hearts from all over the world. Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online game with a first-person perspective, and this is an action shooter game in which you reach a stage where you need to collect some crystals known as etched crystals.

If you are a fan of this action role-playing video game and after playing lots of levels of this game, if you reach the stage where you need etched crystals and are stuck, you need to follow some simple instructions given below.

Destiny 2 etched crystals

What are etched crystals in Destiny 2?

Etched crystals are a reward you can collect by killing some wanted enemies in Lost Sector of Destiny 2. There is a process to get the lost sector, and when you get that sector in the Destiny 2 game, you have to play and kill all some wanted enemies, and in the form of reward, you get etched crystals.

How do you get etched crystals in Destiny 2?

If you want to get these crystals in the Destiny 2 game, you have to run towards the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City; keep in mind that this place is full of different types of enemies. However, this way is the most time-efficient way to get those Crystals.

When you reach Tangled Shore and Dreaming City and kill all enemies, you have to run towards Cargo Bay 3 and Core Terminus Lost Sector on Titan and Mars. So, when you get there, you have to kill the boss of that area, and you get some crystals.

Which is the most easy lost sector in Destiny 2?

You have to visit the lost sector and kill bosses as you read above. Then you need to know about the easiest lost sector of this game, and for this, you have to reach towards K1 Revelation. The K1 Revelation is one of the easiest lost sectors in the Destiny 2 video game.

Etched Crystals Destiny 2 Guide

To get the part of the lost world quest chain in this game where you get these etched crystals, you first have to complete some sub-quests, which are –

  • Tainted Artifact
  • The Cleansing
  • A Cleansing Artifact
  • The Temptation
  • The Damnation

When you complete the entire above sub quest in the lost world of Destiny 2 game, then you should have had to work your way through killing a whole bunch of Hive enemies and spent a healthy amount of time in Crucible trying to kill without being kill.

The easiest way to get Etched Crystals in Destiny 2 video game is to move towards the lost sector and takedown Hive bosses and their lackeys. After that, you have to move to Tangled Shore and Dreaming City, as we said above. You can also visit the Titan and Mars and kick bosses of Cargo Bay 3 and Core Terminus.

So, if you need to be aware in this game and always be with good weapons, you have to kill lots of enemies in this mission. Now, if you follow all the above instructions, you can get Etched Crystal Destiney 2, and the last word’s exotic weapon quest chain takes you too long, and you get your next big task in this game.


This article provides you with information about Destiny 2 Crystals. Etched Crystals Destiny 2 is a very important stage of this game, and if you follow all the above information and instructions, you can complete this mission soon. So, share this article with your friends, and if possible, leave your valuable comment below.

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