Destiny 2: How to Get Swarm of the Raven

Here’s how to get a High-Damage Grenade Launcher Swarm Of The Raven for PvE, which is only available for a limited time in Destiny 2 via the Iron Banner.

In Destiny 2’s current PVE meta, grenade launchers have become one of the best weapon types in the game, allowing players to deal massive damage to boss enemies. Indeed, grenade launchers such as The Mountaintop and The Prospector played a major role in the load of players who defeated the new Crown of Sorros raid during its initial release. With a renewed focus on grenade launchers, players have discovered one of the best damage-dealing grenade launchers in the game, Swarm of the Raven.

Swarm of the Raven
Swarm of the Raven

Swarm of the Raven is available for a limited time while Iron Banner is active, which is this week. The weapon moves into the heavy weapon slot and has a drum-fed grenade launcher, which allows it to fire very quickly. This weapon is not new to Destiny 2, as it was actually added to the game in Season 4 and the Iron Banner has been in the loot pool ever since; However, weapons are gaining new attention with many players putting a nice grenade launcher in their load-out.

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How To Get Swarm Of The Raven

Swarm Of The Raven comes from a reward package that players get to convert Lord Saladin into an Iron Banner Token. If players are stocking tokens, this is a good time to turn them in for the possibility of dropping the grenade launcher. To earn tokens, players are required to play the Iron Banner and complete the Iron Banner reward.

An important tip for those grinding for Raven’s flock: try to complete the quest for a new Iron Banner rewarding the event’s armor set. Earning armor through that quest The reward package adds any unlocked armor to the loot pool, so to keep the loot pool small, try for Swarm Of The Raven before completing any stage of the quest Make sure.

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Swarm of the Raven
Swarm of the Raven

Best Perks For Swarm Of The Raven

Swarm Of The Raven treats its high DPS as a perk, and that is what a perk players need one of this grenade launcher: the Spike Grenades. That causes the perk weapon to do more damage on a direct hit. Other than that pitfall, there is not really a perfect roll for this weapon, although Field Prep is a top choice due to this weapon giving deep ammo reserves.

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How To Use Swarm Of The Raven

Swarm Of The Raven can go toe-to-toe with other top-tier grenade launchers such as the Vendigo GL3, but Swarm Of The Raven has some special circumstances to make the most out of it. Because Sven of the Raven suffers zero damage, it can receive a 50% damage buffer when an associated player uses an alien tractor cannon against a boss. So while Swarm Of The Raven is good on its own when paired with Tractor Cannon and any other damage-buffing effects like Well-off Radiance and Melting Point, this weapon’s DPS can skyrocket with some players, including It shows that it has the highest DPS. Games under these circumstances.

This Iron Banner ends on 25 June at 10 am PDT on a weekly reset.

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