Destiny 2: How to unlock the secret festival of Lost Triumph

Destiny 2 Players solve the Spider Vision Secret Festival of Lost 2019 Triumph and is much easier to unlock than originally thought.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The annual Destiny 2 Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, is in its final week, working with players back on the shelf for a second year before finishing any material. In addition to collecting masks and acquiring the unique Braytech werewolf auto rifle, players are clearing the Haunted Forest and unlocking all new Triumphs associated with the incident.

However, a Festival of the Lost Triumph has proved almost impossible to resolve thanks to its vague description referring to a spider in the player’s landmarks. Many associated it with the new Pit of Heresy dungeon, while others claimed that it could be found somewhere on the moon. As it turns out, none of those theories were correct because it was time for victory until the final week of the event.

Here’s how to unlock the Spider Vision Triumph and Festival of the Lost 2019 for Destiny 2.

Go to the tower

The first step to complete this victory is to visit Eva Levante at the tower. At its usual location under the tree, Eva now hosts a brand new consumables player called Festival Charm. For only 100 candies, players can take this item to increase the number of Chocolate Strange Coins awarded at the end of activities and from inside the Haunted Forest. However, to unlock the Triumph players must consume it within the haunted forest.

Chief of forest

Take in the haunted forest and instant festival charm in the match. While nothing else would seem different, near the beginning of the run, look at the weapon’s scope and the shadow of a spider will drop down the player’s screen, eventually unlocking victory.

Alternative solution

Although players will no doubt be thrilled to finally unlock this victory, there remains some debate over where and how the spider appears. Some claim that they did not use the festival charm at all, leading some to believe that it could be team-based. Theories indicate that if one person of the fireteam uses it, the spider effect is given to all. Other reditors have also mentioned that the spider’s shadow appears outside the haunted forest, particularly inside the Vex offensive activity.

Whatever the case may be, Vijay now appears active, giving players many opportunities to win the last remaining victory. For everyone, players have seven days left before the seven-day Festival of Lost event ends on the following Tuesday.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the Stadia version also under development.

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You can finally complete the secret celebration of the lost victory in Destiny 2

Ever since the Festival of the Lost debuted in Destiny 2 a few weeks ago, players have been barred from completing a special win. This is because the item needed to unlock it was not actually released until this week. As of yesterday’s update, Eva Levante is now selling a Festival Charm for 100 candies, and this is key to rounding up your Festival of the Lost Triumph Collection.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The item description for the Festival Charm is not very promising – it says that this chocolate increases the number of odd coins you get to complete activities and Haa One Run. On the face of things, it seems like an item for players who are scrambling to collect the last few ceremony of Lost Masks for their collection. But it also serves another purpose.

Pick up a Festival Charm, then go to the Haunted Forest. Once you get there, use the lure from your inventory. Proceed in the jungle as always, but be sure to spend a lot of time to see your sights. Ultimately, you should get a Spider Vision victory. This is a pause from previous festivals, when the target of the sights below will sometimes cause the spider to crawl into your scene. You may not actually see a spider, but Vijay should pop either way.

Bus! Very easy, if a little opaque. If you have left any candy or strange coins after completing your win, your best bet is to spend on Eva’s fabulous Grab Bag. These contain legendary drops and can sometimes contain enhancement cores. For the werewolf auto rifle, the curated, masterworked version is unfortunately better than any random roll you might find.

The Festival of the Lost did not bring much surprises this year, but it was nice seeing everyone at the Tower. Also, that sting when you fly down from orbit? best. And hey, thanks to my witch broom sparrow from Eververse, everyday is Halloween.