Destiny 2 Machine Gun Frame quest steps: Weapon Core locations, Black Armory Crates and Powerful Enemies explained

Destiny 2 Machine Gun Frame quest
Destiny 2 Machine Gun Frame quest

How to complete the Machine Gun Frame as part of the Black Armory DLC – including Weapon Core locations.

Destiny 2’s Machine Gun Frame quest is given to you at the start of the Machine Gun Frame DLC, the first expansion in Destiny 2’s second year of content.

The list of steps have you build a Frame for Ada-1, and have you track down a Weapon Core and Black Armory crate, some Powerful Enemies and more.

All the steps to access the Volundr Forge are below, as well as advice on how to get through them as fast as possible.

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Every step of Destiny 2’s machine gun frame search

In short, here is every step of machine gun frame search:

  • Go spider in tangled noise
  • Enter the attachment area of ​​the tower and talk to Ada-1
  • Get a Weapon Corps from a Black Armory Crate, and collect 25 Compound Ethers from the enemy
  • Kill multicill and hive using power weapon
  • Defeated 25 powerful enemies
  • Collect radiant seeds from powerful enemies
  • Return to Ada-1 and go to Volundr Forge

While some steps can be accomplished through playing other activities, others require you to have specific locations – which we can help from below.

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Where to find Destiny 2 Weapon Core and Black Armory Crate locations

First, head for Spider in Tangled Noise. He will give you the ‘Black Armory Badge’, which allows you to access the Annex, a new additional area of ​​the tower. Walk west and follow the waypoint to find the door that needs to be opened. Once done, talk to Ada-1 to get the first stage of the quest.

It is in two parts – finding the Weapon core from a Black Armory crate, and assembling the compound ether.

The weapon core part is the most confusing. Head out to the EDZ, and within the two mentioned areas – the outskirts and Gulch – watch out for a special shielded enemy with the ‘Forge Saboteur’ in the name. It will be surrounded by ornaments, making it stand out.

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Where are the powerful enemies in Destiny 2

The next 25 are defeating powerful enemies. These are enemies of the yellow bar – such as the boss – and you’ll find them in sports activities. However, if you want to speed it up, go to Leviathan Raid.

There are eight yellow bar enemies in the beginning who will work towards this objective. You can do these singles, and once they are clean, go back to revolve and recreate them. It is a slight grind, but much faster than working on other activities.

The final stage is collecting radiant seeds. These are a drop from powerful enemies – similar enemies from previous stages. However, drops are uncommon, so you’ll have to kill more than 20 to get all the radiant seeds you need. Again, visiting Leviathan’s inauguration is the fastest way to do so – but some runs will give you a handful of seeds, others just one.

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Once done, revisit Ada-1, which will direct you to the Volundr Forge in EDZ. Find it on the map, set it as your objective, jump to the nearest fast travel point, and the on-screen waypoint will lead the way. Don’t forget to pick up the mysterious box search as you go, too.

Note that the encounter is a high level – over 600 power – but you’ll be matchmade to make things a little easier. Good luck!