Destiny 2 Where is the Conflux Lost Sector

Conflux Lost Sector
Conflux Lost Sector

While searching for Chalice of Opulence you will find that you have been tasked to track down a new lost sector to earn a new type of currency called Imperial. The Imperial is used to upgrade the Chalice of Opulence and unlock Rune slots on items. However, your first reward of Imperial will be earned in this lost sector.

Conflux is located on Nessus, but it is not listed on the map until you go over it and the Lost Sector symbol is very faded, so it can be easy to miss. To get into Conflux quickly you will want to land in The Cistern Landing Zone in the Arcadian Valley. You will then proceed to the Well of Flame. To the north of the Well of the Flame you will see a very faint Lost Sector icon. If you hover over this icon, Conflux will appear.

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Once you are in that area, you are going to look for a cave next to a waterfall. It should be very easy to use above the map and image so that you know at once where to look. Once inside you will have a specific lost sector challenge, which has Cabal enemies that need to be ejected before completing. Once you defeat them all, you can open the chest of the Lost Sector, with the Imperial as your prize, allowing you to unlock a new Rune of the Opulence.

This Destiny 2 The Cistern, Glade of Echoes, Exodus Black Lost Sectors page will reveal where to find all the mini-dungeons within that area of ​​the Nessus Patrol space.

If you would like more information about finding Lost Sectors and the rewards they offer, our Lost Sectors page can help.

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Destiny 2 The Cistern, Glade of Echoes Lost Sector

The artifacts have three lost sectors and confusions:

  • Confluence point
  • Carion Pit Location
  • Crack spot

Confluence point

Conflux Location: From The Sister Spawn Point, head north, following the main path and keep the edge of the cliff on your left. Keeping the rock on your left, you will come to the top of a white river and waterfall, where you will see the Lost Sector symbol on the square outcrop of the rock on the other side.

From here, look to your left, and you’ll see a huge tree, but before that, several rectangle platforms lead down.

Drop them down, then look in the direction of the tree towards these platforms.

You will see the entrance of The Conflux Lost Sector based on these platforms.

Here is the location on the map to help make it more narrow.

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Strategy: Head inside, then turn left and drop down. The head is rotated to its left through the opening at the end of this room. Drop down, turn right and you’ll be in the main room of this dungeon. Time to take down the power!

Deal with the patrolling sconces, then pay attention to the incidences as they can bring you some grief from afar. Warheads will also be issued to your right, but there are five in total, and it is not difficult to lose in small numbers.

The master of the level, Primus Callog, is not very tough, but he has a quest for missiles that blind you like flash bangs. Use the cover under the stairs to pick him up. Beware of Pss covering him from far platforms.

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Carion Pit Location

Location: Resembling a half crashed ship in the middle of the Glacier of Echoes. On the side near the entrance to the area, look for a large ramp. There are some tattered steel signs on its left bank. Go past the symbol and immediately turn to your right.

Strategy: Follow the path below, then turn left, then left again. Continue through the tunnel, finally turn left, then turn right. Cross the container-escape bridge in this area, and walk the ramp toward the blue-lit opening. Now turn left and you will enter the large, main area.

Take out the shanks and vandals in this first section, and beware of a tracer shank (we found it patrolling in the upper-left corner from the entrance) and a heavy shank right next to you. It can cause a lot of damage, but is not too hard to pick up because it does not have a shield.

Turn left and go to the burnt ramp (before doing so be sure to place the wand and drag on your left side. Turn left at the top to enter the last section of this area.

Here you will find some more Dregs and Vandals and you the owner, a server called Nariks Reborn. It is not shielded, but it has a tendency to create some declining immunity, so focus on it. We used a hand cannon and a super to eliminate it.

The Season of Arrivals has introduced new exotics, including Ruinis Affigi, as well as new Powerful and Pinnacle gear sources. Elsewhere in Year 3 we saw the introduction of Armor 2.0 and K1 Logistics, K1 Revelations, K1 Crew Quarters and K1 Communion Locations. There are also several new weapon quests including Deathbringer’s quest, Divinity quest, Leviathan’s breath quest, and Exnople’s quest. We also have a list of our best Destiny 2 weapons recommendations, including Jotun and Le Monarch.

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Crack spot

Location: It’s really easy to find – in fact, you can see it from the Exodus Black Spawn point. It is on the edge of that broken, cylindrical container with the head in the area you are under, but beware of a fall patrol (which may include a captain).

Strategy: The entrance to the dungeon is just behind the container with the symbol. Head inside, turn left and jump over the metal fence. Go down the blue light corridor and jump over another metal fence. Turn left and jump over the stone blocks. Now turn left to enter a larger chamber.

The area is full of Dregs and Vandals, so focus on Vandals as most snipers are equipped with rifles and can do serious damage in groups. Even a decent hand cannon works here. Once they are all separated, go to the right-left corner of the room to find another entrance. Now you will become a city of blue light on a large scale.

Jump to the right and you’ll fall immediately. You’ll find plenty of Dregs, Vandals and Shanks, as well as bosses (Talas, Dusk captains).

You can either use the cover of the lower containers, or, leap to a higher level and use your height to calm down the falls. Beware of some vandals that are already at this level that will need to be taken down beforehand.

The chest can be found on the left hand side (from where you first entered the area).