Everything About Phantasy Star Online 2 Classes   

Phantasy Star Online 2 Classes

Phantasy Star Online 2 Classes: Modern Beginning (PSO2: NGS) is a strangely active role-playing game with numerous character classes. Here are all of the modern Phantasy Star Online 2 beginner classes and the best course to play with a full guide.

Details on PSO 2  

This activity MMORPG will be available on PC and smartphone. This game, released in 2012, is still one of the most intriguing role-playing diversions in the world. It has a variety of character classes with varying capacities, abilities, and highlights. The sequel to Phantasy Star Online is Phantasy Star Online 2. Apart from the power supply, it also acquires.


After logging into Phantasy Star Online 2, the first thing you should do is customize the appearance of your POS2 character. There are three aspects of the character that can be changed: race, beauty salon, and mold. You’ll be able to choose your character’s race from Human, Newman, Dewman, and Cast. Then you can customize your character’s face, body, and shape.


When players achieve a certain number of achievements in PSO2, they are granted titles. Aside from that, they will receive a variety of other rewards, such as Star Pearl, Boost Thing, Excube, photon drop, ensemble, extras, and so on.


Seeker, Warrior, Officer, Heavy armament specialist, Constrain, Techer, Braver, Legend, Apparition, Bouncer, Summoner, Etoile, and Gloss are available as character classes in PSO2. These character classes each have their own set of abilities, abilities, weapon frameworks, and gameplay. In addition, the engineers upgrade a large number of unused classes.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Classes   

Modern Beginnings of Phantasy Star Online 2 PSO2: NGS is the most recent form of the PSO establishment that SEGA has propelled on June 9th, 2021 for PC and Xbox comforts. To safeguard all of your achievements, you’ll log into the diversion alongside your PSO2 account. This unused diversion is recognized as the updated adaptation of PSO2. It has superior realistic quality.

PSO2: NGS’s lesson framework differs from PSO2 in a few minor ways. Particularly notable was Phantasy Star Online 2 Modern Beginning, which featured six common classes: Seeker, Warrior, Officer, Heavy armament specialist, Constrain, and Teacher. The level of expertise in the course is comparable to that in PSO2. The highest level of ability is still 50.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapons   

Each lesson in PSO2: NGS has its own set of weapons to use. Aside from that, players in PSO2: NGS can access a different weapon framework by utilizing the subclass. Underneath is the complete weapon framework in PSO2: NGS based on the game’s six classes.


In PSO2 Unused Beginning, the Sword is the most common weapon of the Seeker course. Hunter is one of the most important standard classes in this game. They frequently serve as tankers for the team. As a result, the sword is the best weapon for this course because it deals the most damage in scuffle weapons.


The most powerful weapon in the Fighter lesson is the knuckle. It’s the most popular lesson in PSO2: NGS with quick and effective attacks. Fighter’s knuckle, like Hunter’s sword, has five standard attacks. In addition, the Warriors in this game have two additional weapons, Twin Blade and Twofold Saber.


The rifle is the most commonly used weapon in the Officer course. The ranger is one of the most important portable classes in PSO2: NGS. Officers can excel in both close-quarters and long-range combat. It is due to modern technology that PSO2: NGS is far superior to PSO2.

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