Dexter Deshawn – One Best Character of Cyberpunk 2077

If you are searching for dexter Deshawn, I think you know about Cyberpunk 2077, a popular video game developed by the creator of Witcher 3. Witcher is a record-breaking video game that can win lots of hearts worldwide, and this game is also on the same path.

Cyberpunk is a game that is based on the underworld and night city. If you are a fan of the crime world and want to play as a powerful character of this type of world, then while completing some missions, you heard a name – “dexter deshawn.” Still, if you want to understand that character and want to complete the quest of Dexter, then you have to follow the information and instructions given below.

Dexter Deshawn

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a famous action role-playing video game developed and published by the CD Projekt company. The story of this game is based on the underworld, nigh city, and crime world. This game is a first-person perspective game in which your character is known as V, who acquired skills in hacking and machinery, and now this character helps criminals of this world.

Dexter Deshawn

Dexter Deshawn, commonly known as Dex and Fixer in Night City and this game, recently returned to the city after spending his few years off the grid, and He never works as a Mercs (a person who works to hire a worker for clients). But now, in this game, Dex comes back to his world after years and becomes a fixer who hires workers from all over the world for his clients who can give any kind of work.

The story of dexter deshawn

This character made his name as a prominent fixer in Night City, which makes him one of the best businessmen. According to the story of this game, Dex will leave the world of Night City and left the town in 2075 and rumored that he left for vacation, but according to Royce, he is on the mission to ruin half of Pacifica and make lots of powerful enemies who want him dead. After that, he returned in 2077 and contracted with Evelyn Parker to steal the Relic from Yorinobu Arasaka and sell it to Yoodoo Boys.

After that, he gets lots of other missions and gets the name of fixer, and after all this, he will work as a merc and hire other characters of the game for the mission of other players.

Where to find Dex’s Body and Iconic Pistol In Cyberpunk 2077

After all the above information, the first point you get in your mind is where you find Dex’s body and his iconic pistol to complete the quest in Cyberpunk 2077 game. However, I want to clarify that the below information contains spoilers about Johnny Silverhand. Now, read further to complete the quest of dexter deshawn.

You will find Dex’s body and his iconic pistol right where Arasaka killed him. This is the exact place where you first met Johnny Silverhand, and this place is a junkyard.

Once you reach that location, explore a bit, and it will not be difficult to get your eyes on Dex’s body. When you find him in that Junkyard, first collect his weapon. This is the place where you get Dex’s iconic gun, “Plan B.” But there are better guns in this game, like Johnny Silverhand’s gun and Skippy. Both these guns are better than Dex’s Plan B, but the best thing about Dex gun is you don’t have to buy ammo for that gun.

Now, where you find Dex’s body and his iconic pistol, you also can find the body of Rache Bartmoss, a Kold Mirage gig, and now you have to save Nix as an objective in the Kold Mirage gig.

Last Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read everything you need to know about Dexter Deshawn, and you are also able to understand the instructions, which helps to complete the quest related to dex’s body and his iconic gun “Plan B.” Now, if you think this article provides you with complete information about dexter deshawn, do not forget to share this article and, if possible, leave your valuable comment below.

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